What is it that Peter Obi does not have? what is it that a man with doctorate degree wants from a man whose WAEC is under scrutiny? is it not a shameful thing that a man who has breast milk offered to him has decided to drink pores instead.

I am personally embittered by actions of this man, I had some respect for Mr Peter Obi but as it is now he is finished and I am glad because I have always prayed that God exposes all the betrayers, traitors and saboteurs in our land so that we know them before the real business starts and I think God is actually answering my prayers.

It is obvious that this man is one of those that act on impulses and would not bother knowing the implications of what they say otherwise how can a man who a couple weeks ago was angry with Willie Obiano for not protecting the unarmed IPOB protesters at Nkpor, came out now to insult Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra to extent of calling him a "Madman". This is ironical indeed, the real mad man is calling a sane and sound man "mad".

Nnamdi Kanu in his unparalleled effort to restore Biafra has achieved relevance both in and outside this contraption called Nigeria.
Anyway, I have learnt something from Peter Obi's statement "that a man can only make money but cannot make a man", Real men like Martin Luther King are made by wisdom but this is what Peter Obi lacks.

What is actually the bone of contention, is Nnamdi Kanu a politician? Is he dragging power with Peter Obi? What was the reason for the gathering of that day? Was it a political rally? You can now see that Peter Obi has lost his senses. Thanks to our true elder, the ex- vice President who made him look stupid and described him as an embarrassment to the Igbo race which is a perfect description for him.

Peter Obi has shown his support for the then federal government policy of paying N20.00 to any Igbo man that has money in the bank was proper, he was also trying to tell us he is the only person that can see the benefits of granting Buhari and the useless Hausa Fulani's wish to takeover our land through the grazing reserve jingle.

At a time everybody has the complete plan for the total Islamization of Nigeria, Peter Obi is telling us to accept the grazing reserve bill, what a shame.

At this juncture, I call on all reasonable men and women of Biafra land to begin monitoring the activities of this mad man alongside all other saboteurs, they will definitely betray us but God will certainly visit them and their families. May I ask Peter Obi, where is Ifeajuana today? You don't know?  but I will tell you, his name has been buried in the Sands of oblivion.

My dear people of Anambra , I will not bother to ask you not to vote for him in 2019 because it will never be but I will urge you all from henceforth consider this man an agent of the Fulanis and an enemy of the Biafra restoration project.
Beware of him before it is too late.

Written by Chukwuka Fidelis
Edited by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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