Two mass murderers: Obiano and Buratai 

By Chimaobi Okafor
For Biafra Choice Writers

The Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano, was at Nkpor yesterday to visit wounded Biafrans in hospital, those who escaped death on the hands of Nigerian Army last May 30, 2016. While at the hospital, which he visited with Nigerian Chief of Army Staff (COAS), he promised to foot their hospital bills.
What we, as Biafrans can only say to Obiano is that he has failed in his plans to play the good Governor to please his Fulani masters with Biafran blood. That is why he came to Nkpor, promising to pay the hospital bill of our brothers in hospital. We know him to be the devil’s incarnate; and we know he is incapable of repentance.
In case he has forgotten, we want to remind Obiano, that those he went to visit were still the same fellow Biafrans he told the world that Nigerian military men shot on May 30, 2016, because they (the military men) were defending themselves. Those were the same people he told the world that their action, remembering their dead brothers and sisters killed by Nigeria, were illegal.
So let Obiano tell the world the real reason why he visited those wounded Biafrans in hospital. Obiano, were you there at Nkpor to mock those you helped Nigerian military to kill; or were you there to try and cover up your crimes in the eyes of the world? Obiano, were you at Nkpor to dig out the bodies of more than 600 young Biafran boys you told the military to pour acid on the bodies of their brothers and sisters they killed (so that nobody will recognize them) and then buried them in mass graves? Did you visit Nkpor to dig out their bodies to take them back to their homes, their mourning families and loved ones?

One thing we do know now is that you will never have peace in your life, not your wife, and not your children. We will not accept your offer to pay their hotel bills, take your blood money, for we Biafrans, children of Chukwuokike Abiama will not receive it from you. As far as we are concerned, you have questions to answer, and those questions will be answered before the world at International Criminal Court (ICC).
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