Murderous Fulanis gives chase
Onyema Uche

“Now you see what I am saying? The herdsmen have returned to Nimbo threatening more attacks. Should the villagers run and abandon their ancestral land?”
 Those familiar with history of conquest will agree that nations are not conquered in a sweep of actions. Invasion of nations do not just start. Both invasion and conquering of nations begin with thoughtful plans. Plans that is grafted and perfected in a long period of time. Sometimes it takes yes and decades.
One thing that is common about people or nations with territorial ambitions is that they are very subtle in all their relationship with their neigbhours. They are experts in pretended humility, well blended in the art of deceit. They can keep secrets and focused on their hidden agenda. They can keep you as their friends for a very long time. Being nice to you and leading you to believe that they are your friend in time of need. They can lend you money without interest. However deep in there is hatred for you and patience for your misstep before they pounce on you.
Their victims always appear to wise, kind and accommodating. They are consumed with self-knowledge and excessive show of defamed charity. Nations and people that are about to be invaded hardly believe that invasion can be possible especially from a group that has shown so much solidarity. As such they do not care about how porous their border is and do not care of creating sentry men at their gates.
The truth about this is that the Fulanis are a set of people that cannot be your friend or accept you as a human being if you are not one of them. They have the attitude of slave masters. In every relationship with them, you are the inferior while they are the superior. They are very subtle in all their dealings with any people. Their deceit is tall as they appear and their treachery is bright as they look.
They have a history in Nigeria that testifies to my position here. In 1804, the king of Gobir, now Sokoto state, Yunfa the Hausa Sarkin, gave host to Usman Dan Fodiyo and his army from their exhausted journey from the desert. Yunfa thought he was being kind to a stranger. Within 4 years, Dan Fodiya had penetrated the Gobir kingdom and found them weak. He gathered his army and violently overthrew Junfa, killed him and his son and imposed his caliphate in Gobir which later became Sokoto state.
King Yunfa was killed in 1808, just 4 years of the arrival of Fodiyo. It was the same Fulani warriors that established the Sokoto caliphate and enslaved the indigenous people. Gradually as we are witnessing, Fulani emirs started making in-roads to other neighbouring states in the North. An all-out invasion followed that and saw the fall of North to Fulani bloodsuckers.
North except Bornu fell into the hands of Fulani who imposed their caliphate and brand of Islam on the Hausas. The middle-belt stopped them at Gboko and Benin kingdom did not give them any chance. Today Benin is at peace and Bornu still has its kingdom run by Shehu of Bornu.
The Afonja dynasty became stupid and acted as some of our governors are acting today by allowing a Fulani warrior called Janta Alimi to settle in Ilorin. In 1824, the Fulani gorrilas killed Afonja and established their caliphate. Today the Yorubas have done everything to get Kwara state back and install their Oba which is their right thing to do. This very problem will be bloody in the event Nigeria is divided. All these happened because somebody chose to ignore history and chose to be kind to a serpent.
The Yoruba warriors got wiser with time and in 1840 they defeated the Fulani Jihadist at Osogbo and that put a halt to the expansion of the caliphate into Yoruba land. The Bini kingdom fought the Jihadists and defeated them. If they did not fight, the caliphate would have been established in Edi and Delta region beyond the present day Edo North Senatorial District which gave no resistance and allowed the jihadists to overrun and establish their caliphate there.
If you agree with this history you will agree that what we are seeing today as grazing land is a subtle continuation of this old agenda. It is an old political strategy to create a problem, come up with a solution that advances the cause; give it a legal backing that will make look like a win-win situation, ready to pounce someday in the future.
I gave this long history to warn my people of the danger ahead if we make the stupid mistake and allow the likes of Ugwuanyi and Roachas Okorocha to grant these beasts of all nations a settling ground in our region. We need to know that we are dealing with a people as crafty as the serpent and as dangerous as the scorpion. We must be resolute in our opposition to giving our land out in any form and under whatever name. No resettlement or any estate creation for any damn mechanized farming. It is all ruses. The Fulanis go with their almajiris anywhere they go. They are experts in fiendish diplomacy. They are the opposite of what every civilized society holds dear. They hate every group of people except themselves. They love no one but their kind. They respect no religion, culture or tradition except theirs. Why would you let such people be your neighbours?
This why I am calling on all Igbo youths, no matter which state you come from, to spend less time and money on facebook. Spend time with your people. I ask that we form village vigilante groups in every community. Our traditional leaders must be informed and ask them to support or in fact establish the vigilantes. Governors do not own our land. They are not the custodians of our land. It is the traditional rulers that are custodians of our land. We must unite under their mandate and form our own vigilantes. The government will not help us.
We must arm ourselves for self-defense. Whatever that makes people run away at the mention of Fulani herdsmen we must acquire. Is it charms? Let us get it be fortified after all we have witches and herbalist too in our land. Is it their cutlasses? Let us go get them. Is it their dastardliness? We have their match too in our mist. Let us identify our cultist boys. Get to know them. Organize them and give them positions, and immunity from exposing them to the law.
Yes we must use everything in our disposal to fight and defend our ancestral land. If you cannot raise the money, appeal to those who can. It is our land and we have the right to self-defense. What nonsense and who the hell are the Fulani herdsmen that we must run away from them?

Now you see what I am saying? The herdsmen have returned to Nimbo community in Enugu State and threatening more attacks. Should the villagers run and abandon their ancestral land? The Fulani must be stopped!
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