By Ndubuisi Anukwuem

“You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time”
~Bob Marley~

To learn that immediately after Biafran genocide, pipes were quickly laid from Igweocha to the Islamic Emirates of the North, about 800 kilometers apart, defying fundamental economics, and commandeering 99% of all the oil Blocks (consignments) through sheer covetousness by a genocidal gang of puppets who come from the arid north of Nigeria explains the reason that British-Nigeria is irredeemably corrupt and disastrous.
Subjugation and plunder, rather than nation building remains her only motive to date.
Consequently, the entirety of southeastern Nigeria (Biafraland), especially the Delta areas, are deliberately laid waste, marginalized, polluted, impoverished, sickened, devastated, permanently insecure, and repeatedly invaded by Nigerian forces without recourse to justice.

Like Satan, the rogue state does not honor agreements, yet seeks to lure the puritanical Niger Delta Avengers with money plucked directly from their backyard in the name of “dialogue”, so that they might stumble like their predecessors and fall into the booby trap of British-Nigeria once again.

Aburi Conference, National Conference, Amnesty agreements and June 12th forebodes any further agreements with agents of the devil.
They (British-Nigeria) want you to surrender your weapons, while Hausa-Fulani Islamic fundamentalist politicians have proliferated assault weapons among their entire population especially Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen.

Has Buhari called for Fulani Janjaweed who terrorizes your communities with AK47 riffles to disarm? He won’t.

Thus, any attempt to surrender your weapons will result in your brutal Islamization and annihilation.

As you can see, the conniving vultures are so desperate that they would defiantly commence work in their malicious facilities because their addiction to spilling innocent blood and oil knows no bounds. 

Even as Niger Delta Avengers warned the oil exploiters that the owners of the land were back and deathly intent on protecting their land from oil devastation; the workaholics still shamelessly sought to quickly restore the status quo.

While their political gang bangers are frantically scouting—for anyone who would listen to their plight—to find new dialogues, new modes of operation, new rules of engagement, new conditions of treachery, new conditions of rape, murder, and plunder, with imposters who have no authority to speak.

Wanting freedom fighters to accept bribe (amnesty) to remain in bondage, and in a devilish contraption with barbarians who have not only murdered more than 3.5 million and counting; but have continued to wag their tongues to date.   

Buhari threatened that he would rather drown in the Atlantic Ocean than for Biafra to be free; and retorted “why should [he invite Biafrans] for talks?”
That Nigeria will not tolerate Biafran agitations.

He arbitrarily arrested the leader of IPOB, and immediately commenced wholesale slaughter of peaceably protesting Biafrans, while simultaneously calling for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and openly supporting Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic or Western Saharan self-determination and independence from Morocco.
That Buhari despises you and sees your freedom as a dangerous threat that must be crushed is incontrovertible.

He literally spits in the face of those against whom he committed genocide.
Lacking in the minimum academic prerequisite or any virtues to be president, he relies solely on lies, intimidation and violence.
Having foresworn to Islamize Nigeria, and befuddled with hatred, he invaded Ikot Obiokot without cause.

He attempted to transfer Boko Haram prisoners to the south, but when it failed, he unleashed Fulani herdsmen.
He has concentrated all strategic and security apparatuses at the hands of Hausa-Fulani Islamists.

He has set about to snatch and reward Christian owned lands to Fulani herdsmen in the name of Grazing Bill.
He ignores emergency calls as Fulani herdsmen besiege and massacre Christian communities in Biafra.

He has come to kill, maim, plunder, and Islamize.
This maniacal sociopath has been raining threats and actually carrying them out on a defenseless beleaguered people.

So what might be the basis of negotiating with this menacing murderer?
Buhari won’t obey court orders or release the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, whom he falsely accuses after his own image of terrorism and treason; but seeks bogus piecemeal divide and conquer dialogues with his brethren.  

Let’s be clear, it is suicidal folly to dream of a viable country with 50/50 Christian and Muslim population; further complicated by divergent and irreconcilably antagonistic cultures, ethnicities, world views, values, and endemic corruption. It’s lunacy.
It is even more lunacy to cite USA, a country established by virtuous men as a reference point.

Why should inertly peaceful Christians agree to be entangled with an enormous population of ungovernable Muslim predators whose ultimate goal and allegiance is to Jihad, Sharia law, and Islam? 

Currently, Christians are under genocidal attack, and have been decimated in Mideast by Islamic fundamentalists and Islamic terrorists.
Nigerian Muslims trail the footsteps of their Arab progenitors. The more you remain under one country, the more you face existential threats, and the more innocent blood flows like a river.

We are questioning the basis of one Nigeria and why the United Nations (especially Britain who enjoys frequent referendums) would not support a referendum for Biafra?
A valid dialogue will only occur after Mr. Kanu is released from illegal detention, and after the potential for further oil plundering and devastation due to oil spills, blood spills, acid rain, and gas flares by the ruthless oil cartels would have been fully contained; thereafter, a peaceful but total dissolution of British-Nigeria may be negotiated.

Shall Biafrans remain timid and sacrifice their lives and dignity on the altar of dialogue, political correctness, and respect for super powers whose foreign policies debase and pose existential threats to them?
We think not.

Sadly, Biafrans share similar Judeo-Christian values and aspirations as Western countries, and are better disposed to accommodating Western interests and fighting global Islamic terrorism.
But unless you insist on oil thievery via degenerates that would let you rape, murder, and plunder their neighbor, so that they too may rape, murder, and plunder their neighbor with your tacit support and covering.

It was you who masterminded the genocide of 3.5 million Biafrans. Thus, of Biafra’s tribulations, you see and hear no evil.
We know that you won’t sanction Nigeria no matter how many defenseless Biafran protesters are slaughtered under your watchful eyes.

Embracing the genocidal Muslim brotherhood of Nigeria against fellow Christians is unconscionable.  And putting economic interest above human life is total depravity.
Why put the Creator of heaven and earth to the test?

Therefore, the oil and gas fields of Biafraland ought not to be negotiable except with countries that OPENLY AND UNRESERVEDLY RECOGNIZE AND SUPPORT BIAFRA’S RIGHT TO BE FREE AND INDEPENDENT.
But having endured the poison of one Nigeria for 102 years, we no longer question Nigeria’s intent. Biafrans are no longer in the mood for tolerating or remaining in a hopeless contraption that is smothering them.  

And since British-Nigeria has been slaughtering Biafrans during peacetime as if at war, and having convincingly demonstrated her jealousy driven hatred and insatiable thirst for Biafran Blood and oil, why then should you,  unless you are suicidal, lay down your weapons while the Fulani cattle herding terrorists, Fulani Boko Haram terrorist, lawless Hausa-Fulani terrorist president, terrorist Army, Police, and secret police (DSS) are all armed to their teeth, all still on the prowl, devouring your families, farm lands, communities, businesses, and shedding blood all over the place?

Any negotiation with this rogue state is tantamount to negotiating your ultimate destruction.
Besides, to negotiate is to dishonor the memory of those that have already paid the ultimate price for freedom.  
Did your brothers and sisters perish that some would receive amnesty?
Your only chance at controlling your resources and restoring your dignity is to never surrender your weapons until Biafra is fully restored.
If you are seeking freedom, justice, self-determination, and survival, then, where does amnesty fit in?

Make no mistake, freedom is not negotiable, and amnesty bribe is blood money.
The Almighty will by no means free anybody that sells their birthright for peanuts.

-Since Hausa-Fulani security officials are constantly killing, raping, abducting, and harassing Biafran protesters with no accountability;

-massacring 22 unarmed Biafrans who were praying in a secondary school;

-slaughtering 90 unarmed Biafrans on 30th May, 2016 for celebrating their dead heroes;

-besieging and murdering Biafrans in Gbaramatu, Ogoni (where active genocide is reportedly taking place as I write) and many communities in Delta area in pretext for searching for freedom fighters; 

-sending Fulani herdsmen to Agatu, Enugu, and Ekiti to ambush, destroy homes, businesses, churches, and massacre more than 500 human beings as they slumbered, and shielding the culprits from prosecution;

-desecrating and burying scores of Biafran protesters in various mass graves; massacring more than 1000 Shiite Muslims in Zaria, and countless unjustifiable atrocities…

It is morally imperative therefore for all able Biafrans to organize, seek, and acquire commensurate weapons to defend your selves against Buhari’s belligerence and wanton violation of human rights.

In all fairness finally, Niger Delta Avengers are hitherto the most moral and purest faction of Biafran society because unlike Islamic terrorists, they have shed no blood; unlike the traitorous Southeast politicians who aid and abet the destruction of their own people, the Avengers are standing firmly against evil and the treacherous negotiators and dialoguers of evil.

And if you do not respect their resolve, then, tell Buhari to stop committing genocide for oil especially in delta areas; and obey subsisting court orders to release the leader of IPOB at once.
By Ndubuisi Anukwuem

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