Mahama, Ghana Leader
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

A call has been made for Ghana and its citizens, as well as other African countries to join the bandwagon in the support of Biafrans’ quest to restore their nation to a sovereign and independent status. The call was made by a member of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Directorate of State.
The call was made recently following the brutal rape and murder of a Ghanaian woman, 27-year old Grace Obinna, who was married to a Nigerian. She was raped, and then murdered by a Nigerian sexual pervert, known simply as Badoo, at Oke Ota community in Ibeshe, Ikorodu, Lagos State.
The attack and murder of the mother of one occurred around 1am, in the morning of June 10. Badoo broke through the window of the mother of one because he learnt the husband was away. After raping her, hit her on the head, which led to her death.
The pervert has been operating for months now as one above the law. In spite of the numerous atrocities he has committed in various other communities such as Ilemeren, Abule, Oluwoye, Ibeshe Titun, and others in and around Oke Ota, he has never been arrested or prosecuted for any of his crimes. This is the case all over the evil country called Nigeria whenever a Biafran is the victim of a crime. The authorities always look the other way.
This is why Biafrans are using the opportunity to urge Ghanaians and other African countries, to join hands to extricate Biafrans from evil Nigeria. The call was therefor made to John Mahama, who is Ghana head of state, and who was told that Biafra is a natural ally to Ghana which he should kick-start a diplomatic relationship without delay.
The latest call was made by Chukwudi Ofoma, an (IPOB) Directorate of State member. He said the rape and murder of the Ghanaian, and the lack of response from Nigerian authorities, should be enough proof to Ghanaians and other Africans that Nigeria is not a place of habitation for human beings. He implored them to work join hands to extricate Biafrans from it.

“We are not Nigerians; we do not belong in Nigeria; we are not save in Nigeria; fellow Africans must understand this” he said.

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