By Ndubuisi Anukwuem

The first time I saw the fantastic geo-political map of British-Nigeria, my immediate reaction was a hearty laugh. But I quickly realized that it was not a joke.  A map carefully doctored for the division and destruction of an indigenous people.

How Aba is southeast and Ikot Ekpene, SouthSouth   is beyond insidious. Also, how Aba which is further south of Biafra is rightly called southeast, but Ogoja which is further Northeast of Biafra is unscrupulously renamed SouthSouth is beyond treacherous. Clearly, Nigeria is fatally obsessed with Biafra. Of all the corrupt practices inherited from Britain, dividing and conquering Biafrans is Nigeria’s favorite pastime and blueprint for nation building (i.e. for sustaining the criminal contraption).

It is only in Nigeria that you find one region encircling the other to create the illusion that core Ibo region has no oil when in fact the entirety of Biafraland floats on oil. In order to entrench her treachery, the criminals invented a new nautical expression called “SouthSouth,” and then followed it up with crazy complimentary diagrams. What’s even more bizarre is the brazenness of this act.
Immediately after the Biafra genocide, Yakubu Gowon, a puppet of Britain and a mass murderer of Biafran children embarked on a mission to balkanize the territory of Biafra in pretext for state creation. Oil towns that were naturally Ibo were deliberately carved out of the core Ibo speaking regions to forcibly rewrite natural origins and divide Biafrans—a feat that only an obsessed criminal would attempt.

But in Nigeria’s fixation on oil thievery, they forgot to alter the commonality in ancestry, dress code, language, food, culture, physical appearance, religion, DNA, climate, and market traditions typical of old eastern Nigeria. Today, some Biafrans mindlessly refer to themselves as Niger Deltans or Southsoutherns. Stop embracing names that were invented to divide and conquer you.
Obviously, much damage has already been done.  When a people embrace a name conceived in the pit of hell, then, they subliminally confirm that they are on board with the enemy’s scheme; they signal that they lack judgment; that they are on board to be enslaved, and still pliable and divisible. By embracing meaningless names, you warranty your readiness to be used, negotiated, plundered, deceived, massacred, conquered, and dialogued upon.

The power to name is correlated to the power to dominate.
As you already know, Chiukwu Abiama, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob created the world.  And the Lord God who created every beast of the field and every bird of the heavens brought them to the Adam to see what he would name them, and whatever Adam named any creature became its name” (Genesis 1-2).

Similarly, God brought female to Adam, and Adam named her “Woman” because she was his flesh and bone. Subsequently, women take on their husbands’ family name.
Further, when God called Abram out of the Ur of the Chaldeans, he renamed him “Abraham” thus establishing his destiny as the father of many nations one of which is Biafra. Serrai was likewise renamed Sarrah. Jacob was renamed Israel. Saul, Paul. Hadassah, Queen Esther; Lucifer who was once the morning star and lead worship archangel became Satan, the devil, immediately he was dethroned to earth, and so on.

Thus, names are used to establish or reestablish identities, roles, allegiances, and destinies.
Clearly then, ones name matters because God employs naming to establish new identities for those he brings directly under his tutelage and dominion such as Abraham; and those he cursed such as Satan.
Suffice it to say that your name is intricately intertwined with your destiny.

Inversely, a name can be used by the wicked to destroy, or distort the destiny of a person or people. And you wonder why the master counterfeiter and murderer, the devil, is running around renaming and redefining everything in his path to make it conducive for his dominion. By renaming himself “god” in various religions, and posing as such, Satan has managed to channel multitudes of people to his infernal kingdom.

Name therefore precedes character.

Names such as South South, Niger Delta, Nigeria, and other such monikers were orchestrated by the enemy as diversionary tactics precisely to ensnare, plunder, and destroy.

Map of Africa: 1890 AD

By violently superimposing Nigeria over what was originally Biafra before 1900AD, many of our people, evidently, have lost both their identity and compass.  If you embrace Nigeria, no matter your tribe, you are lost. You are headed in a downward spiral to a well-known destination. Your humanity is fully compromised. If anything the name Nigeria was coined by a drunken harlot who came with a British terrorist called Frederick Luggard whose mission was to strip you of your dignity, enslave, plunder, and dominate you in your fatherland as if 400 years of slave trade was not bad enough.
Thus, the name Nigeria ostensibly represents death, bondage, murder, barbarism, brutality, genocide, deceit,  imperialism, exploitation, backwardness, lies, wickedness, greed, covetousness, jealousy, kidnapping, corruption, injustice, insecurity, poverty, rape, mass graves, human sacrifice, arrested development, distortion, marginalization, plundering, and what have you.

The above, plus ongoing massacre of IPOB protesters, terrorism by Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, and Nigeria Boko Haram security forces; oil spills, and the daily bloodletting are the direct result of embracing a name foisted on you by the enemy.

By running with South South or Niger Delta, you dignify the antics of the enemy and become more susceptible to her wiles and temptations. Renaming any parts of Southeast empowers the enemy to isolate and draw you gently by the leash to the slaughter. 
For example, the infamous 419 scheme brings huge dividends, not because of the ingenuity of the perpetrators, but because of the latent greed and criminal tendencies of most of the victims.  Thus, any attempt to seek anything by a name designed by your adversary to excite your insatiable human wants and cut you from your real name is jumping into the enemy’s lap. In short fraudsters are usually able to exploit the greed of their targets.

When tempted, by invitation to dialogue with Nigerians, instead of insisting on total independence and freedom from Nigeria, some choose cowardice, greed, betrayal, and self-aggrandizement in pretext for making peace—wicked peace—the  type of cowardly peace where Boko Haram pursues and slaughters you in the north while Fulani herdsmen wait at your father’s compound in the South.  
Resolve therefore to discard every vestige or nomenclature of divide-and-conquer by Nigeria and Britain.  Unlike other forgeries, the name Biafra inspires freedom and justice.  It awakens the conscience and amplifies the cry of our heroes who were murdered for mourning the murder of the heroes before them. 

True Biafrans who know their name are not interested in resource control, oil blocks, equality, good infrastructure, confederation, restructuring, amnesty, contracts, political appointments, settlement, or the presidency of Nigeria as the imperial media spinners would have you believe.
Rather, they are fighting for total and complete restoration of their independence from British-Nigeria, and most importantly to worship our God freely without midnight ambushes by the marauding agents and armies of Britain, British-Nigeria, and Sokoto Caliphate.

By Ndubuisi Anukwuem
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