Biafra restoration is what God has ordained to come to pass no matter the challenges we may have always faced from the agents of destruction who have sworn to maim continually, kill, Biafrans who are agitating for self-determination which is a universal law. 

The pain of it all is that even the international communities who are supposed to protect this right and bring to book the people that have consistently floated this orders have resolved to be silent and the reason for this is what I cannot personally justify, but if need to say, I will say it is unjustified, if not, for how long are we going to be killed before you rise and do the needful. The terrorist in charge of this killing which is no other person but Buhari is bent on wiping out Biafrans because he has seen they are a threat to his mission of Islamising the zoo called Nigeria. When has it become unlawful to agitate for self-determination? There is no way Biafra will not come; that is an assurance we bear in our hearts and will fight for its actualization no matter whose ox is gone. 

International communities should know that the oil in been exploited and given to them is from Biafra land and by helping and giving us the necessary aid to assist in restoring Biafra they will have a better chance more lucrative than what they deal with Nigeria with us, in fact we may have reached a sustainable deal in ensuring you deal business directly with us and at a better level. Stop transacting with Nigeria, it is a corrupt entity and will remain corrupt because it's foundation is corrupt. 

The only thing we ask for is for the restoration of Biafra and the release of our leader Nnamdi Kanu, who in spite of court orders to release him Buhari refused and by so held him, in his terrorist dungeon. The more they hold him the more Biafra spirit comes alive in us and when they eventually release him will mark the restoration of Biafra, and that is the bitter truth Buhari is yet to know, but we will prevail over him and his agents of destruction. All hail Biafra the formidable force to reckon on. 

By Ezekwereogu John 
Published by Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers.
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