Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari said earlier that instead of Biafra to be restored under his watch it is better for him to die. He made this comments in the state house Aso Rock after the alleged emergence of the so-called "Niger Delta Avengers" who have recently threatened the country's economy by blowing up oil installations and pipelines expressing their grievances over the destruction of their land as a result of the crude oil exploration.

President Buhari is currently in U.K for medical treatment where he has been diagnosed of the Ménière's disease which is practically uncurable, reports are saying he has cancer but still unconfirmed, the point is Buhari left Nigeria and travelled to U.K for ear treatment denying Nigerian doctors a chance to treat him and make ends meet, it was rumored that he allegedly canceled his planned trip to Niger Delta for the opening of the Ogoni clean up and flew out of the country a day after threats from the Avengers to blow up Aso rock on June 7. He is still in U.K at the moment with reports that he could extend his ten days vacation leaving his vice Osibanjo to take over as in his absence.

Buhari who just completed his first one year in office has received wide criticism from around the world, he barely spent one week in his official seat in the Aso rock rather flying around the world from one country to another, last month while he was in London Nigeria was accused of being fantastically corrupt by the British prime minister David Cameron which he frantically admits, he had earlier in the spring said Nigerians are criminals this drew wide criticism from notable Nigerians who couldn't wait to berate him about his ill statements.

This is a man who runs the country all by himself, he is the president and minister of oil and gas and at the same time the supreme judge controlling the judiciary, this is a man who abuses his power as the president and illegally persecuting  his political enemies by neglecting court orders and illegally detaining them against their will and publicly vowing to jail them, this is a man who claims to be fighting against corruption but indeed is fantastically corrupt and has failed to probe the Haliburton scandal, This is a man who is a co-founder and sponsor of Boko Haram terrorist group, This is a man who has blood of millions of Biafrans in his hands.

Buhari should come back and continue his position as the president of Nigeria, he spent almost all his time of his one year in office travelling around the world soliciting for weapons, weapons which he claim to use in the fight against Boko Haram but the truth is he is bent on crushing the Niger Delta Avengers and Biafra agitators which he have sworn to die instead of Biafra to be restored under his watch  therefore, I'm using this opportunity to urge all leaders of the world not to give any weapon or military hardware to the Nigerian government because they are only going to use it to kill innocent civilians.

There is a concrete evidence and records about the gruesome genocide against Biafrans of which the Amnesty International knows about and are currently running an investigation on, what amaze me most is the silence of the UN human rights watch and the world leaders especially the British, EU and American government, None of them can deny that they don't know what is happening, they clearly have a good knowledge about the Biafrans plight and the genocide against them but because of their love for the crude resources from Biafraland they have decided to turn a blind eye to this evil acts of Buhari and his government.

Recently, the German Government is planning on supplying arms and military hardware to Buhari despite reports of the Nigerian military massacre of unarmed civilians, one question is why the German Government decided to play a major role in the killing of Biafrans in a bid to secure uninterrupted oil supply from Biafraland?
Angela Merkel and her team of Administration should know that any arms given to Buhari will be used on innocent Biafrans who are peacefully agitating for the sovereign state of Biafra and whatever arises in the process of the Biafrans taking on their right to self-defense shall be upon the Germans and Europe.

Written By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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