Avengers in action
By Tim Tochukwu

For Biafra Family Writers

Oil companies in Nigeria, such as Shell, Agip, Cheveron, whose facilities were being bombed in the delta areas of Biafraland by Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), have been blamed for what is happening to them. A cross-section of Biafrans, who spoke to Biafra Choice Writers in a survey on the issue, expressed the view that what was happening to the oil companies was nemesis catching up with them.
Many Biafrans, especially members and officials of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who responded to our questions, craved anonymity for fear of persecution from Nigerian agents. They said the companies and their home governments were suffering nemesis for not realizing early enough that Nigeria had become a terrorist state, and then abandoning it. They wondered how officials of the oil companies and their home governments were able to sleep at night knowing the atrocities of the Nigerian state against the people of Biafra.
They also believed the oil companies knew that Nigeria had long outlived its usefulness, especially for those it called its citizens from the former Eastern Region (Biafra), and yet chose to support it against the owners of the resources. They therefore expressed full support for NDA, which has taken it upon itself to destroy all oil installations in the region in what it called “Red oil economy”.
Chukwuka Ikechukwu (not his real name), who is an IPOB official in Igwocha (Port Harcourt) told Biafra Choice writers that by the time Buhari could no longer sell oil, and had no money to pay his murderous Military men and Police, he would begin to reason properly. “If Buhari stops receiving oil money from Biafraland to pay his army and police, he will stop sending them to come and kill us?” he said.
Those who blamed the oil companies for what is happening to them said for more than 50 years, they had been making money from Biafraland with which they build Northern and Western Nigerian but always visit them with guns and bullets, and that the end has finally come for such endeavours. Benjamin Okorondu, a computer analyst from Asaba in Delta State was among those who held this view. “The oil companies should be glad those Avengers boys are only destroying oil installations and not killing people. Did they not see Abuja and Lagos being built with our oil money and our own land neglected? What did they do or say? They though we are fools to keep quiet forever” he queried.
For many like Okorondu, they claimed support for the Avengers for not killing people, kidnapping or collecting ransom for kidnappings, hostage taking, Sea piracy, illegal oil bunkering, bank robberies and social crimes. They said the time was up for the oil companies to go home, unless they were ready to move with Biafrans for their freedom. “Then they can come and do oil business as they please” he concluded.

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