Since the monster in Anambra state government house, Willie Obiano took over the mantle of leadership in Anambra state, Many Biafrans have lost their lives in one way or the other. This monster who has become a traitor to his citizens promised tithe security during his campaign for the governorship. He has succeeded in staining his hand with the blood of innocent citizens. What are their crimes? Are they thieves? Are they arm robbers? Are they kidnappers? These are the questions every meaningful citizen of Biafra should ask him or herself. Well, it's so heartbroken to note that these victims were peace-loving freedom fighters, great heroes without any strung of corruption in them. According to my knowledge, on 30th of August 2015, the joint Nigeria murderous security agency, comprising of the cowardly soldiers, navy, task forces police and other organisations clamped down on innocent IPOB members who were on evangelism in Anambra state. This incident claimed the lives of not less than five IPOB members. The monster Willie Obiano in Anambra government house has never reacted to such incident up till date in remorse. During our world wide protest, against the illegal detention of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, the same security agencies killed more than hundred innocent citizens of Biafra, who were peaceful and non-violent. On the first day of December 2015, Boko Haram terrorists that were transferred to Nkpor were released and were given ammunition and uniforms to attack defenceless members of IPOB, who were peacefully protesting against the inhumane treatment given to their leader by the Nigerian DSS. These murderous terrorists brutally killed and maimed these innocent souls who were only agitating for their rights. Worst still, the monster Obiano watched them unleash such genocide against the same people that voted for him, only because he wants to please his master paedophile Buhari. On the 9th of February this year, uncountable members of IPOB were killed while some were taken away with injuries never to return. They killed and buried most of them secretly yet under the guise of Obiano, the governor of Anambra state. This monster kept mute and blamed the dead rather than the perpetrators of the genocide. Fulani herdsmen did a very horrified work in Anambra state, yet and still Obiano hardened his heart against his flesh and blood. He allowed abominators to suck the blood of his people before his very own eyes. Recently, the Nigerian army on 29th may invade St Edmond's church were innocent citizens of Biafra were spending their night against the 30th May remembrance day, which we announced vividly before date. They also kidnapped the dead to unknown destinations. They arrested as many as they could, while leaving dead more than fifty members of IPOB. The 30th may have been marked out to remember our fallen heroes and heroines that paid the ultimate price. Willie Obiano was at his house while all these things happened. Today, the monster has come to beg for forgiveness, while he has succeeded to render most families fatherless, motherless, widows and widowers. Many are the only child of their parents or maybe the breadwinner of the household. Can forgiveness bring these lives back? In our land, a murderer doesn't go unpublished. The same is faithful to the constitution of the country. How many of these perpetrators has been brought to book? If you have repented, what have you done to ensure justice? You are nothing but a wolf in sheep clothing. You are begging us because you want to escape the Hague. Well, it's too late, and if we must forgive you, you must resurrect those you killed because paying off the hospital bills cannot retrieve lives back. Obiano you will be seen soon in the Hague.

Emmanuel Precious
Edited Udeagha Obasi
Umuchukwu writers.
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