The Islamic ruler in Nigeria Mohamadu Buhari is born a beggar in the desert encroached and flies infested little town of Daura in present day Katsina state in the zoological Republic of Nigeria.

You can see president Barack Hussein Obama in the above photo trying frantically to speak directly into Mohamadu Buhari's ear.
The self-appointed general has never fought any known regional or international war nor participated in a global combat mission to merit the rank of general. He was just promoted by his Fulani brothers in the army, who thought he was going to die early due to his haggard, unkempt and hunger struck background. Buhari has been to speech and hearing experts long before he dreamt contesting for the zoo presidency. He was told that there is an infection in the hole of his ear which anyone can see from outside. His infected tympanic membrane uteritis media disease needs urgent treatment, or else he will have a permanent speech and hearing impairment. The experts told him that he has an excess of cerumen which is an accumulated fluid in his middle ear and has created a significant problem for him. Since the passage of sound has narrowed down due to pressure on tympanic membrane, thus the middle ear which also leads to the throat and all the sensitive part called cochlea is severely affected. Because of the above, the central nervous system CNS organs of hearing and lining of the brain especially the part that is responsible for hearing and interpretation of sound is 51% damaged. Buhari has 49% hearing capability left, coupled with his deep throat infections his overall speech and heading performances has been adversely affected due to MENIERE'S DISEASE that comes with age. Buhari is 74-year-old political age and has no real medical report since birth. If you come close SND watch him, he feels dizzy, like everything around him is turning upside down, he cannot stand on his own for too long, he walks like a severely wounded antelope, he is not balanced on his feet like as a human being. All these are the malfunctions of VERTIGO.
LIFESTYLE: Mohammad Buhari's lifestyle is worst in human history; he is a notorious homosexual, an expert in woman abuse, a paedophile, cocaine addict his tribes are known for meeting with donkeys. Buhari has a convulsive altitude, a pathological liar, hypocrite and fraudulent. Most of the soldiers, those senior to him and those working under him can attest to his quick temper and unforgiving, always downcast and does not take orders from anyone. He has sworn to die with the rest of the people in zoological republic instead of him to see new nations emerge out of Nigeria even after being told that the amalgamation of the Southern Nigeria and his Islamic northern Nigeria has expired on January 1st, 2014. He could not understand what he was told due to all the pressing ear and throat infections as mentioned above. Example, when he was told that a court of competent jurisdiction has set Dr Nnamdi Kanu free from all charges levelled against him, he responded quote: that one they called Kanu who enter Nigeria without a passport (meaning passport) he wul Ron awe. Again, when he was asked by Aljazeera news correspondent why Nigeria army killed none violence and unarmed Biafran youthful protesters, Buhari threw away his face overlooking his left hand shoulder, waved his right hand in refusal to watch his soldiers killing field and said DSS phiphle (meaning people) are bluacking de thruphs (meaning troops). Buhari is not naturally sick but DEMONICALLY sick. The so called Nigerians are no longer sympathetic to him instead, they are praying for their ALLAH TO KILL BUHARI AT ALL COST AND BY ALL MEANS. Everyone knows, heavens have decreed it; the earth had approved it that Mohamadu Buhari is HELLBOUND either living or dead. Every free nation on earth are at this moment enjoined to stop every political, military, social, cultural and diplomatic corporation with the Islamic bloody government of Mohamadu Buhari henceforth. WE REQUEST FOR THE RELEASE OF OUR LEADER Dr.Nnamdi Kanu and all other Biafrans detained by DSS, Nigeria army and other security agencies in Nigeria. SUPPORT THE RESTORATION OF THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA and end Buhari's atrocities he is committing in Biafraland.
by Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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