As the paedophile, president Muhammadu Buhari repeatedly reminds me of the genocide purposely committed and has in otherwise continually engaging on innocent Biafrans, my heart sore and my soul becomes aggrieved. Words cannot express my inner emotion. Whenever Nigerians talk about this genocide, I keep wondering what might be their next plan. Months ago I could remember when the genocidal Gowon, father of all genocide, say thus "REMEMBER THE 1967-1980 CIVIL WAR". Personally, I referred this as childish talks because they are only reminding me of revenge. They are reminding me of my duty of respect and honour to my fallen heroes. They are reminding me to be resolute and fearless before the face of my enemies. They are reminding me of the course of Biafra that ought not to be forgotten or abandoned. They are giving me a reason to fight exceedingly high to get to my limit. They are reminding me of the cries of my brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, etc., which they slew in cold blood. They are reminding me of my fellow children who were consumed by hunger and disease. Why will Buhari and his cohorts be determined to remind me of the past? Why will he (Buhari) always want to revive the tears that I thought has gone far fetched? Why will they continue reversing their bloody acts on my people? How will they feel if only they are in our shoes? Buhari and cohorts should be in jail by now for the crimes and pogroms they committed against humanity. Our land has been soaked in our blood; our streams are flooded with our blood. Since the genesis of Nigeria, our blood has been made compulsory to flow by all means. We have become a sacrifice to the evil men and women in Nigeria. But Muhammadu Buhari should have known that 1967, is in no way 2016. He should remember that even as at then, our heroes started the fight with bare hands, and fought so gallantly and fearlessly. Buhari should have known that the assistance of other powerful nations like Britain, Egypt, etc. helped Nigerian soldiers to face Biafran Armies boldly but in spite of all, we appeared gallantly to no victory no vanquish resolution. Despite the wickedness of this cruel world, they withstood for over 30 months without foreign weapons or assistance. What has given this paedophile the impetus and authority to brag even when he knew what we can do? Buhari might think he is all in all, but Biafra is what he cannot swallow. He should remember that Nnamdi Kanu commands millions. Who does he think will defend Nigeria in any case of War break out? Maybe, he forgot that his murderous soldiers were not able to withstand ordinary civilians talk of Boko Haram or worst still, Niger Delta Youths (Niger militant); how much more when IPOB steps into the stage. I bet you, Paedophile; Somalia will be better than this hell (Nigeria) you call a country. I will not forget to remind you that many Nigerians are angry with your incompetent leadership. Your anti-corruption war has brought upon you nothing but a curse since you decided to bounce on your opposition party.
Even the soldiers you rely on are engaging themselves in physical combats with each other due to the high level of poverty in the country. Mr President, you are doomed, since you decided to mock even those you killed. Don't forget that the Biafra you are hearing of today, is never and can never be the one you used to know. Emmanuel Precious
By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Plublished by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu writers.
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