The United States Justice Department has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari was used as conduit in fraudulent wire transfers, from her Nigerian account in favour of Congressman Jefferson, via the ANJ Group LLC.
The US District Court Memo, states that Congressman William J. Jefferson, between August 2000 and August 2005, sought hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of himself and family members.

In return, the defendant used his congressional office to promote the business interests of bribe-paying companies, whose very success was dependent upon the approvals of certain, United States and West African government agencies and officials.
Congressman Jefferson further compounded his criminal culpability by conspiring with others to pay a bribe to the then-sitting Vice President of Nigeria.

The WhistleNG, in an exclusive report, stated that in hushed and sometimes cryptic taped recorded conversations, Congressman Jefferson, explained in details how the success of the Nigerian telecommunications venture depended on bribing the Vice President of Nigeria, who the defendant described as “really corrupt.”
The US District Court during their investigation also revealed that Williams Jefferson, in one of his numerous bribe schemes, wired $170,000 to a Nigerian account in the name of Aisha Buhari.

“During the investigation of his numerous bribe schemes, law enforcement agents learned of several wire transfers from offshore territories into U.S. financial accounts, that were either controlled by the defendant or whose proceeds were made available for his benefit.

See Donald C. Semesky, Jr., Tr. at 104 – 116; see also Government Exhibits 36-87 (6/26/02 $170,000 wire transfer from account in Nigeria in the name of Aisha Buhari, to an account in the name of The ANJ Group, LLC, identifying “William Jefferson” as Beneficiary), Government Exhibits 36-90 and 36-91 (11/28/03 $50,000 wire transfer from account in the British Virgin Islands in the name of Dawson Creek Traders to an account in the name of Jefferson Interests, Inc.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, in their report dated June 22, 2006, also stated that former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, was summoned by the US government for Investigation into the iGate/NDTV business deals involving Congressman Jefferson, which also contained Haija Aisha M. Buhari’s bank records and transfer history.

Reports from New York Times Story (April 29, 2007) revealed Aisha Buhari on the dubious $1.2m campaigning contract, to help the former Akwa Ibom State Gov., Obong Attah, boost his image and attract investment to Akwa Ibom in his bid to become President of Nigeria, as well as a contract where Aisha Buhari, served as a consultant to orchestrate enormous name golfers to go to the opening of the Uyo Golf Resort, commissioned by former Governor, Obong Attah.

As indicated by the New York Times story, “she (Aisha Buhari) told him that her father was the former military ruler of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and that her American friends included politicians like Mr. Jefferson of Louisiana.”
The former Governor also verified the claim by the New York Times when he said, he knows Ms. Buhari’s daughter, who is still a powerful Nigerian politician, by reputation. He also met her, he said, in 2001 when she accompanied a group of American politicians that included Mr. Jefferson to Akwa Ibom, to see oil-related pollution problems there.

“All I needed to do was ask Aisha if she knew him,” Mr. Attah recalls.
General Buhari, has since denied that Aisha Buhari is his daughter, in spite of the contrary proofs, pretty much as he denied his adopted son, Mr. Mohammed Buhari, who was likewise captured in May 2014, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for swindling a woman Mrs. Nwokwocha Florence, of N20m to put resources into an oil and gas business with a guarantee to make mouthwatering returns to the woman.

Written by Ken Pat
Published by Uchechi Collins
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