Buhari, You were forming new sheriff in town before, right? You think everything is resolved through the barrel of a gun, I know you're illiterate, let me educate you; There's something called 'Diplomacy' in handling issues, Come down from your high horse (donkey), eat the humble pie (gworo) and quit being a dullard. 

You called freedom fighters terrorists, compared them to Bokoharam, called them five percent, and you expect them to be shining their teeth like zomby citizens. Buhari, You have. bitten more than you can chew. I am with the militants on this, this persecution and daylight robbery need to end, How can you come you all the way from the arid and unproductive and cursed north and garner all the resources in ones backyard under guise of one Nigeria? Buhari should go and flex his muscle in Sambisa against those fighting without justifiable course.
The demands of Niger Delta avengers and other militants are clear and worth fighting or dying for. People are displaced from their ancestral homes, Fishing waters and farmlands polluted. Will the people remain jobless and die in exile while 80 percent of oil blocks in their homes are owned by the same people funding terrorism? Buhari is a clueless m0ron who needs to be guided by sane minds as his actions and comments are affecting the Nigerian economy negatively which will eventually crumble because God has destined it so. 

If you cannot protect your country from violent herdsmen militia from far away country and from babaric fulani herdsmen militia although they are his brothers and thus are been protected n buhari's orders however, within or outside the country that shows Buhari is incompetent and unfit to lead and protect a Big and diverse country like Nigeria. Because the country is dysfunctional, Buhari now taking advantage to protect his kinsmen.
A reasonable leader will consider the gravity of his/her stance before saying that fulani herdsmen are from libya. We all know he's lying *Libya herdsmen that can't branch to northern part where cattles and farming are more rampant when they were coming, they decided to visit the south 

*Libya herdsmen that brought their cattles with aeroplane or jet when they were coming that no one noticed *Libya Herdsmen that can speak northerners language than northerners.
*Libya herdsmen that resemble fulani like carbon copy *Libya herdsmen that can't go to other safe countries where their cattles will be safe, they decided to branch to Nigeria the safest country in the world. invade-oporoza/ this drama is fantastically embarassingly dramatic so you mean soldiers forgot to go after Boko Haram and armed Fulani herdsmen, this only happens in a country called Nigeria.

Ezekwereogu John
Editor Udeagha Obasi
for UmuChiukwu writers
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