Dr Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Director of London-based (licensed) Radio and Commander of the Army of Biafra; before being kidnapped by Nigeria Department of Security Service, laid down a lot of guidelines on how to peacefully restore Biafra. But consequently, he also set out orders to IPOB worldwide on what to do if the torture, pains, oppression, killings, massacre and pogroms by Nigeria Soldiers exceeds our patience. 
As a peaceful loving and organised people, I think we have tolerated a lot for not have responded to any of these orders given. We have the countless incidence that ought to have deserved such orders to be carried out. The shooting and killing of Biafrans at Onitsha head bridge, series of massacres carried at Aba both Ariaria Market, Worship service, Evangelism service and herdsmen attack. Our silence and tolerance do not mean that we the Indigenous people of Biafra are Cowards, we are waiting for the appropriate time to come.
Of a note, any day Dr Nnamdi Kanu is wrongly sentenced to incarceration, beaten/tortured or not found; that day will be the end of zoo called Nigeria. The then state of Somalia after the war will be better than Nigeria. As a reminder, any hardcore IPOB is urged to be at alert to pull down the zoo with the nearest object at a disposal. It may sound funny that we do not have the armoury to oppose the weight of Nigeria but we trust Chukwuokike Abiama for wisdom. 
As the order stands, do not wait for any one to remind you or to re-issue this order to you. Do not expect Uche Mefor or COC to re-sound this clear law. We will not wait for the zoo army to launch an attack on territory, we must take it to them swiftly. Do not excuse what happened during Yakubu Gowon's 1967 massacre to repeat itself. 
Our non-Igbo speaking Biafrans, do not disconnect you from this. We are all involved and we shall do it as a family. Igweocha was used as operation ground against Biafrans, now that we are reunited I believe we are ready to go without further betrayal. All the areas of Eastern region on Nigeria take note.
Our brothers and sisters scattered all over Northern and Western territories, start packing your luggage. Remember, what ignited the 1967 massacre was because of the thirty thousand (30, 000) Biafrans murdered by Hausas. Do not keep endangering yourself at enemies territories when we have enough spaces to accommodate our family at home. Come back to Biafra land now, do not wait for tomorrow. 
For those of you with landed properties outside Biafra territory, make a documentary of them. Take a snapshot of them. Make your documents copies to your online storage. We are in a digital world, scan your important documents: upload them to your online storage box. Relocate your properties to Biafran legal practitioner who will be of service at your convenient. No matter where your properties are located, with your documents in your hand it can be reclaimed.
Biafrans, be steadfast. With magnitude and pressure, this is sliding in the country; the zoo government will not have any excuse to resort to their nearest alternative. Remember, on 20th of May 2016; Buhari just bodily warned the Militants not to disturb his government and we must be ready for him as well. Let us not to be daft because we are wiser than Hausas/Fulanis and Yorubas which is the more reason Flora Shaw and Lord Lugard merge us by force. Biafra is our last HOPE. By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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