Courage. Splendor or magnificence is called bravery, Nnamdi Kanu's bravery is and will remain the most prominent form of courage any man will dream for regarding his well eloquent, effectively constructive criticism and lampoon, unearth, and exposure of the adulterous Nigeria state grossly imbibed in the tradition of corruption, intimidation and killing of Biafrans by the combined forces of Buhari's Army, Police, Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and DSS . He is Brave because he dared the Hausa-Fulani by telling them the truth through his radio. 

Brave because he toured the globe where he gave exact timing he will be entering Nigeria and still did. Brave because he entered the country to add this incarceration as part of his résumé and the state fell into his trap. Brave because when asked if he is the director of Radio Biafra he said yes and still in the midst of torture from the hands of the DSS stood firm and declared he is a Biafran. 

His later appearance after several weeks of incarceration in the hands of the DSS, he was seen brave for ordering The uniformed prison warden to get off not minding he is their captive. He is Brave because he is the one insisting he wants a trial and the government hoping to get masquerades to testify against him. 

He is brave because in all these no arms, no inducement of money to followers but yet still controls millions of supporters. What some morons don't know is that NNAMDI KANU came back to Nigeria to be ARRESTED. He announced his RETURN FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO HEAR and BUHARI/DSS Led government fell for it. People like BUHARI are why Nigeria as a country are in this predicament. Individuals who can never tell themselves the truth even when the truth is right before them, you are here calling someone illiterate when everything is going wrong if you can't recognize it, you are the person who is an uneducated, not Kanu. 

Let me tell you, you may not like Kanu it is your prerogative, But what is happening to Kanu may one day be your cup of tea, the judiciary are going to the dogs, the executive interference are weakening the judicial system and this is what this Kanu's case, you bring the evidence in the open but someone who derived joy from hate and name calling will never see it, your house are burning and all you are doing are chasing rats may God help you.

Just remember a weak judiciary is the downfall of any country. I am surprised that Nigeria you are too daft to see the fundamental issue at stake here. This is no longer an issue of what Kanu and IPOB did or did not do. It is a case of a breakdown, a balkanization, a bastardization of everything a democracy should represent. It is now a case of shameless and very unprofessional behavior by the supposed custodians of our democracy: - the judiciary. 

Are you too stupid to see this? Has your hatred of the Igbo race blinded you so much? Why can't d court only try this case? Why must they sponsor this conspiracy to rape our already bastardized democracy? Once more. Why would anyone trust a court that fixed a date for trial and yet didn't have the case file on stated date! Only in this useless country could this happen! They detained a man who didn't commit any crime even after the court granted him bail. And yet they've done nothing about Fulani terrorists who are busy invading communities and committing massacre!
Kanu never killed anyone. His "sin" was he organized a peaceful protest against the government. How is that a crime? Buhari is the criminal here, by ordering the killing of peaceful protesters. 

Ezekwereogu John 
Editor Udeagha Obasi
for UmuChiukwu Writers.
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