The entire family of the Islamic Adolf Hitler, blood sucking pedophile and Biafran hater Mohamadu Buhari must face death the same way their father, murdered Biafrans and is boasting about it
Let all Biafrans know this that, If America sends any weapon to Nigeria it is Because, Obama and Cameron are ashamed on because they have gambled and lost, The American people who rejected Obama's presidency are praying for his tenure to finish, that will pave way for Buhari to be hanged disgraceful and the world will watch and see how WICKEDNESS PURSUED him and the entire Islamic northern Nigeria and destroyed them.
I do not want be mentioning cowards like Mr. Debe Ojukwu junior, opening his rotten Islamized mouth and talk about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Debe must bury his face in SHAME because, have he not read that George Bush senior lead America as executive president, then George senior his son who followed him about during his political campaign grew up and swore that America deserves better than what his father gave them.
Have he the so called Debe heard anything called OPERATION DESERT STORM led by Bush senior and returned to America regretting that united states arch-enemy was not rooted up hence, when his son George Walker Bush junior told Americans that he is going after the Islamic terrorist his father gave his blessing on one condition, that the sponsors of terror in the world Sadam Hussein's neck must hang on a stick for the world watched.
Bush junior launched OPERATION DESERT STORM caught Saddam HUSEIN hiding inside a dry hole like a rat that he takes him to the Iraqis court charged him with crimes against united states and humanity and publicly hanged him as his father and the pacified world watched.
Debe Ojukwu has a chicken heart while his father has a LION HEART. He must shut up his trembling and shaky lips.
Nnamdi Kanu is a prince, Debe is a cheap live drunkard, Nnamdi Kanu is a prophet, Debe is ordinary church goer, Nnamdi Kanu is bold, courageous and smart and fearless, Debe is weak and fearful, Nnamdi Kanu is humble ready to serve Biafrans with his life put on the line, and he is accepted by all Biafrans worldwide. But that name Debe sounds to me like tells by moonlight; I am hearing it for the first time that Ikemba Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu has a son that looked like fat trouble lies to me.
Where was the honorable Justice Eze Ozorbi all these years even when Ojukwu denounced Uwazurike's movement calling it Biafra of the mind, meaning that with Uwazurike, Biafra sovereign nation is impracticable.
I had a handshake with Justice Eze Ozorbi, who incidentally come from the same place with me Udu local government of Enugu state, he held NY hands and refused to release it not until Navy Commodore Ebitu Ukaiwe came and asked him to free the young man's hand, he released my hand but on the condition that I seat near him, I obliged him and sat close to him throughout as the meeting lasted, why did he do that is because what I told the Igbo leaders in the evening of previous day, at the banquet hall if presidential Hotel Enugu, they were all captivated, because it is only the truth that can destroy Nigeria as Biafrans enemy state.
Eze Ozorbi has wisdom in abundance, but while didn't Debe Ojukwu come out as I did to force him even to lead Biafra boldly then. Pls, Biafrans, we have a serious work at hand wasting time on people like that is like pouring water on a stone.
Debe commented about getting Biafra in a week, if Mazi Nnamdi Kanu single-handedly mobilized Biafrans all over the world, let him make a personal move, force the Biafrans in the northern and west zoo called Nigeria to leave their properties and return home, if that is done in one week, then Biafra sovereign state will follow within ONE WEEK.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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