One of the Fulani herdsmen who allegedly participated in the Enugu massacre has made shocking revelations in police custody, Saturday Sun reports.
The rampaging herdsmen had killed over 50 people in a recent attack on an Enugu community, a situation which has left many tongues wagging about the dangers posed by the rustlers’ continuous attacks.
Mohammed Zure, one of those arrested in connection with this deadly attack, has now made startling revelations of how members were recruited from different parts of the country to carry out the attack.
A police source revealed to Daily Sun, “He was granted bail and because he needed someone to take him on bail, the investigating officer decid­ed to switch on his phone. Out of curiosity, he decided to go through the content of the phone. It was in the process that he discovered hor­rible video clips of a murder scene.
“Everything changed imme­diately and he was taken back to the interrogation room. He later confessed that he was the one who took the video while they were slaughtering one of the victims during the Enugu killings. In the video, you could hear him shouting and saying in Hausa ‘I have killed you now. You think that you can kill Fulani herdsmen and go free’.
“He personally took the picture to show his family members that he was actually successful and par­ticipated in the killings.”
Zure also confessed that over 100 Fulani herdsmen were recruited for the Enugu attack, after being invited from over six states from across the federation.
“He con­fessed that they were more than 100 and were selected from differ­ent states especially from Taraba , Kogi, Benue, Nasarawa , Kas­tina , Niger, and Kaduna states. He claimed that the people of Nimbo had killed so many of their people in the past and government did not do anything about it.
“He claimed that they also reported severally to Nimbo elders but they refused to investigate, that was why they de­cided to retaliate,” the police source added.
“He alleged that their people in Nimbo shared kolanut to all cattle rearers across the country. What it signi­fies is that there is going to be an attack and everyone should send representatives to support them. He alleged that this is their cus­tom and has been existing.
“He was nominated to join them because he was born and raised in Enugu by his father who is also a herdsman. Two days before the attack, they all gathered in a community in Kogi and perfected how they would ex­ecute the attack,” the police officer added.
The police has since commenced serious manhunt for the fleeing herdsmen who they believe have fled Enugu since the attack.
And to forestall future occurrences, the dreaded Bakassi Boys have been reorganised to also ensure sanity returns to the region. Reports suggest that some prominent Igbo leaders, at their meeting over the weekend, decided on urgent need for the Igbo nation to organize the people for self-defence against the invasion and killing of Igbo indigenes by the Fulani herdsmen.
The dreaded Bakassi Boys, a vigilante group mobilized to terminate the troubling armed robbery menace in the South East in the early 2,000s have regrouped for the purpose of combating the violence by Fulani herdsmen in the region.
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