Ejike Mbaka & Muhammadu Buhari

Exactly a year ago you Rev. Ejike Mbaka personally campaigned for the present president of Nigeria. You succeeded in deceiving people about the Messiah whom the destiny of Nigeria was resting on his shoulders, paedophile Muhammadu Buhari. You occasionally used the slogan "FROM GOODLUCK TO BADLUCK " as one of your preaching topics in your adoration ground. You refer to the past president Goodluck Jonathan as bad luck to Nigeria, therefore assuring Nigerian a better change from Messiah Buhari.
As if it's not enough, you called IPOB agitation for Biafra evil. Stating clearly that we are jobless and that made us be agitating for Biafra. You've made this statement after some weeks you demanded that Nigeria should break up.
Today, the same Messiah has visited our land with death; the same Messiah has visited my area with suffering, pain, anguish, tears, agony, etc. This month marked it one year of death and suffering in our land. Millions of Biafrans has been killed by this your Messiah including children that did nothing. The events of 1967/1970 are repeating itself today only because of this Messiah of yours. I believe that you don't have kids to save their lives, but what will become of millions of innocent Biafran kids? What becomes of your members? What becomes of your relatives? Surely it will affect you in one way or the other.
It's painful to know that the change you assured us is death troll, agony, and pains. It's unbelievable that you meant chain while people heard a change. You supported a man that does not believe the Bible you are carrying, a man that kills as his hobby, a man that rapes underage girls, a man that worship idol, and yet you are a man of God. A man that does not respect the God you worship. Father Mbaka is this the change?
Father Mbaka if Goodluck later became bad luck without the present experience, believe me that bad luck would have been preferable than Buhari's Good luck.
Rev Mbaka Enugu has become a victim of death troll, and I still wonder if you are in this same Enugu without condemning the injustice and massacre. You have remained silent over such issue where you supposed to be saying something. Mbaka people are expecting you to answer so many questions like:
Are these the changes? Why did these sort of change befall us? Why are you (Mbaka) not saying anything? Is this change revealed to you by God? If yes, why did you accept it? These and much more are questions running through the minds of people. They need and deserves answers from you. But the truth is that "ONLY BIAFRA CAN SAVE YOU" That same Biafra you called evil will save you, take it or leave it. Agbacha-oso aguo mile. (After running, You will surely come back to count the miles).

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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