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We the builders of Biafran nation, the kingdom of God on earth, the rising sun in African continent, the propeller of worldwide economic prosperity and the carrier of the eluded peace on planet earth hereby warn the nations surrounding Biafra especially the Islamic zoo called Nigeria to cease henceforth from invading and trampling upon the rights of Biafrans in Biafraland.
The universal declaration of human right UDHR draughted by the representatives with differences legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world provides for the inalienable right of individuals, tribes and groups of people.
The declaration was made by the united nations general assembly in Paris France on the 10th December 1948 resolution 217 A. Biafrans whose nation was born on 30th May 1967 was not part of those who wrote, signed and sealed the declaration.
We the Biafrans stand and watch with uttermost surprise to see a country like Nigeria operated and governed by Islamic jihadist from northern Nigeria flout these laws with impunity. Mohamadu Buhari current ruler of the zoo Nigeria does not know what is called human right, neither did anybody from the illiterate and God forsaking region interpreted the above UN charter to him.
Biafrans are Christians the chosen people of God and that explains the reason why we accepted the European missionaries; it paid off God simply used them to connect the missing Jews of Africa.
Let it not surprise anyone including the Europeans that Biafrans are the only people on earth through whom God's kingdom will be established on earth why Biafrans embraced Christianity by faith and that faith has attracted God the creator himself, he is now totally in charge of all the affairs in Biafraland, for as many as receive him to them he gave the power to become the Sons if God.
The British have seen this power in Biafrans, Arab Islamic countries have also seen the power, Asia has heard about it and the United States is also aware that Biafrans have a supreme power.
The above power attracts invasion from the blind external forces; that is why the indigenous people of Biafra is now at alert ready for the restoration of the sovereign state of their nation. Our light will never go off because it is now a great responsibility as the light of the world to keep it burning. Crucial information, Biafra will be a light to her friends and free nations in the earth but shall be a burning fire to her enemies and the enemies of free nations of the world.
There is wisdom in being awake and watchful over against Godless countries like the zoo Nigeria.
Never again shall anything like Boko Haram, Fulani terrorists parading as herdsmen and their Islamic conspirators within and outside West Africa.
Biafrans, be ready with the people who are willing. Biafrans are given long notice by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu saying many things is about to happen to you, but no matter what Biafra shall come A man who is not ready cannot talk about the departure.
We the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB are ready to usher in God's kingdom on earth the sovereign state of BIAFRA.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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  1. I do not this title "warning" is appropriate in this write up and I also don't think that BIAFRA represents the kingdom of God on earth, BIAFRA is indeed a Great Nation no doubt about that but let's not over praise her to extent that will make us appeared appear mystic, let us not talk too much but work intelligently. I think that is a better way to success. HAIL BIAFRA.