Buhari: The chief terrorist
By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

That Nigeria is a terrorist state in Biafraland is now a well-established fact. But that its terrorism has taken another dimension with its president, the African Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari, taking personal supervision of the murders and dehumanization of Biafrans, is however a fact yet to sink-in with a lot of people.
Boko Haram mixing with Fulani herdsmen commit atrocities against Biafran towns and villages; the Army, Police and Directorate of State Security (DSS) provides cover and protection for them; while the African Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari, is the point man in the whole activities. Buhari has planned and is executing a well-coordinated cycle of violence in Biafraland in his Islamization agenda. The world has not been able to appreciate this.
The interesting thing, even though most painful, is the fact that Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a prisoner of conscience, had more than a year ago prophesied the current actions of Buhari and his goons in Biafraland. Kanu is Director of Radio Biafra and had told all that cared to listen that time was coming when agents of Fulani hegemony would commence the extermination of people of the Middle-belt; South-east; South-south; and even South-west people, under different guises.
Kanu was accused of preaching hate and of using seditious and propaganda speeches in his broadcasts, as a result. He was condemned and berated by even his own people who turned blind eyes to the truths contained in his statements. They thought that by pretending that his warnings did not exist, the danger would go away. But it did not.
Terrible attacks have occurred in such places as Awgu, in Nkanu area of Enugu State, as well as Ukpabi-Nimbo in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area, all of Enugu State. In spite of the attacks, and the mother of nothing less than 500 people in the past few weeks, none of the atrocious murderers have been brought to book. Buhari and his Army, Police, and DSS have rather protected them.
Back to Kanu’s warnings, he tried to educate them his critics about hate-speeches by explaining that one could not be speaking hate when he is asking his people to be wary of those who endanger their lives and properties. He went on to point out to them examples of haters who had used hate speeches in the past. He reminded them of the likes of Ahmadu Bello, the Sadauna of Sokoto; the African Hitler himself, Muhammadu Buhari; and a certain Ango Abdulahi – all Northern Nigerian elements.
He specifically reminded them of some of the words of Bello like the one he spoke on Igbo people: “Igbos (Biafrans) are domineering, if they go to village, town, they monopolies everything within their jurisdictions, if you employ them as a labourer within a twinkle of an eye they emerge as the head”.
Ahmadu Bello then dropped the clincher that he would never give a job to an Igbo (Biafran); that if he did not see a Northerner who would do the job, and that he would rather give it to a foreigner.
Kanu therefore explained that those whose speech could be categorized as speaking hate were those – who through their words – seek the exploitation, degradation and extermination of others; and not those who seek for the freedom of their people.
Kanu went on to warn Biafrans that no matter how much any one tries to please a Fulani person or persons that Fulanis would never love them (Biafrans). He told them that instead, they (Fulanis) would find a way to put a knife into the person’s heart, in response to the spirit that rules them, the spirit of virulent Islam - wahabis. Irrespective of all these warnings, apart from the youths, Igbo speaking Biafrans gave deaf ears to his words and refused to understand the scenario and plots against them.

Today, all that Kanu prophesied are happening. Will Biafrans now begin to take Kanu’s words seriously and begin to confront the terrorist state, Nigeria, together with Buhari and his goons as they should? Only Biafrans alone could answer that question and act on it. For me, a word is enough for the wise.
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