Anyone trying to justify the madness of this government is rather rife with unimaginable bias and a high case of selective amnesia. If you think that this government has made any right decision so far. Then we aren't in the same country. 

1.The monetary policy of the CBN has grounded most businesses rather than improving the plight of the people.
2. Non-existence of fiscal policy by the ministry of finance 3. Conflicting reports by government officials.., e.g., Lai Muhammed 4. Double digit inflation.
In fact, the list goes on. All the gains in agriculture by the previous government is gradually filtering away. Tomatoes go at 5bulbs for N500 has this ever happened in our history? Anyone who justifies this madness is very unkind to the future of this country. Yes it is true to hope but hope that is hinged on a Pentecostal revival without the concrete building blocks of growth can not be hope but the wishful thinking of a lazy man. There are no indices to show that Nigeria most embraces hope with the way this country has been running in the past 11months. So they say that hope died the day Buhari became president. 

What a country?
Your crude oil price is at $42 per barrel and you remove subsidy to increase PMS price to N145 per litre?? Meanwhile, When Jonathan deregulated the price of crude oil was $110 to $120 per barrel and his price of PMS was N140 per litre.
How did we get at this present N145 benchmark? So in your honest judgement, who do you think is aiding the oil cartel? Why this ridiculous profit margins??And some fools went and occupied Lagos in 2012. All we are saying is Give us Biafra. It is our right. 

Ezekwereogu John 
Editor Udeagha Obasi 
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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