Fulani Herdsmen the terrorist group that enjoys Government and DSS' open support. Is there any justification for a gang of terrorists disguising as herdsmen to carry weapons? Everybody should also be entitled to the gun to protect his life business. How can Fulani go when the dictator deals with them silently instead of aggressively. We are in for a tough time under this barbaric and jihadist government. It's amusing what has been happening in this country lately. 

Worst still the current leadership can't even inspire hope in the lives of the masses. What an aloof government. In the past, buhari was quoted to have promised to make the country ungovernable for Jonathan and the whole world saw the foolishness his fellow northerners exhibited. Currently, nobody wished Buhari bad in his current leadership, but his stay in office has brought many negative things to Nigerians. I then wonder who is making the country ungovernable for Buhari? The Bible says that when the righteous is in power the people rejoice but when a wicked man is in the authority the people are in anguish. 

Nigerians are you rejoicing or in anguish? It feels like 1944 all over again when Geobells was made Hitler's information propaganda minister, he was feeling like a demigod. Nigeria is run by a load of rich, bloated criminals, filling their pockets any way they can, stepping on the poor and grinning as they do it. It seems key segments of civil society have been anaesthetized and hypnotized into an inexplicable
"gullibility"! I knew it from the onset that Buhari's regime is a big scam instead of him to focus on the plight of the people he is travelling around the world going on field trips. when there are so many issues to tackle starting from the chibok girls scam still ravaging, he promised to return to their parents, to Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen little wonder he surrounded himself with clueless ministers After 6 month of waiting to appoint ministers the best he can come up with are bunch of ill-fated hags of senseless bigots like himself (we will create jobs by dressing masquerades ) in fact from their names u will know they are dumps. You don't insult and fight the people (Biafra) that feed the Nation. Imagine calling these regions 5% and threatening them. 

Any attack on any community will see ICC hand moving Buhari and his low IQ supporters.

Ezekwereogu John
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers.
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