Biafra is known as old eastern region or south east and south south which is mainly Christians,and has no commonality with Arewa's or Oduduwas , Biafrans culture,religion, are been lifestyles differs from Hausas and Yorubas, there are no similarities between them,that's why Bare subjugated to all manner of ill treatment in Nigeria due to no similarity or commonality between them, with the aim to make Biafrans feels fear and succumb to Hausas and Yorubas in other to capture their GOD giving resources and make them their slaves.
Biafra land are oil rich region,that's why Arewa's and Oduduwas refused to let them go, because they are wise people in the black people's race,that's why Yorubas and Hausas combined to get Biafrans suppress Biafrans in the contraption called Nigeria,they Yorubas and Hausas have acknowledged that Biafrans have nothing in common with them,one Nigeria is all about Biafran oil.
oduduwas are 70% Muslim why Arewas 80% Muslim and Biafrans are 100% Christians,the connection between Hausas and yorubas is religion,that's why they combined to intimidation Biafran people, because of Biafra religion differs from theirs,there is no way Hausas,Yorubas and Biafrans will be in one country and live in peace,Hausa and their counterpart Yorubas hate Biafrans with passion because Biafran people are wise,crafty and also been blessed with the largest mineral resources because they are true sons of Almighty GOD (CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA) the only one true GOD.
Biafrans are different people because they value lifes and also it is priceless,that is why in the Igbo language we call human being (nmandu) meaning beauty of life,Hausas and yorubas don't regard lives,that's the reason they oppressed Biafrans because we don't take life.
Hausas particularly derives joy from killings that's why they have terrorist groups like Boko haram,funali's herdsmen, and others groups, all this has made them blood sucking monsters,their governors backs them up,making them to continue killing innocent people on daily basis. Now is the time to break this fruitless marriage that is called Nigeria, because there is no commonalities between them,there is no love,no unity,no joy in it,what makes the country one Nigeria is just because of Biafran oil,meanwhile all the Biafran oil blocks are been owned by them, their leaders aims is all about oil.
Biafrans are tired of being in the corrupt country called Nigeria,the only solution to nigeria problems is to let biafrans go because they are the children of the most high GOD.

By Nwaiwu Chukwuebuka,
Editor Udeagha Obasi
Umuchiukwu writers.
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