It gets on my nerves when old men refuse to respect themselves and their age but keep exposing their deficiencies in public. Greedy opportunist like Dozie Ikedife who wants to reap where he did not sow is typical of all his counterparts in Biafra land. They, like Esau, have sold their birthrights due to gluttony and selfishness, now as a vagabond; he does not recognize his colony anymore.

Just like Cain was blabbering before God after murdering Abel, so he is doing too. I am so sorry to inform you Ikedife that it is too late to cling like a parasite onto false hope. What is Ikedife thinking? Have you taken a blow on our behalf? Have you marched the street with us in the quest for Biafra?
Are you not rubbing shoulders with Buhari, who has murdered and massacred unarmed, harmless and innocent Biafrans? Where have you been all these while?

Stay away, Ikedife! Hold your peace! The market started without you a long time ago; therefore, you will not know its closing hour. Nnamdi Kanu initiated and constituted the said Council of Elders until you shameless elders started acting otherwise. He (Nnamdi Kanu) never accepted your idea to play the Nigerian politics. Nnamdi Kanu dissociated himself from bribe receiving old hungry men. Nnamdi Kanu refused to be lured via Bilie Human Rights to allow even Hausa FOOLani to be part of IPOB (BILIE'S membership goals: to allow all sorts of Nomads as members)
Nnamdi Kanu was appointed the leader of the IPOB by the Indigenous People of Biafra themselves. Nnamdi Kanu has been talking about the inclusiveness of all Biafrans and not only the ''Igbo'' speaking Biafrans. How long has BILIE been in the said Nigerian court and how many times was the judge absent without notice? Who made you Ikedife IPOB leader, when and where? Can you provide evidence?
Has Nnamdi Kanu gone to the Nigerian government to beg the government to be merciful to the ''Igbos'' when all the citizens should be treated equally, as you Ikedife did? Biafra is not Nigeria. Corruption lies and bribery will not know her shores. You can make all the noise you want as an empty tin but unfortunately, you will end up losing. Nnamdi Kanu, we know! IPOB! We know! Biafra! We know! Then who are you? If you want Biafra's freedom, set up a group and join the queue, support or fight for the cause.

Although it is glaring, you have been paid by your master Buhari to distract us from vital issues but be warned, we are resolute; it is Biafra or nothing. We cannot be bought and like Naboth, we will if need be die fighting for and defending our birthplace. Since you were born, now you are old, what have you done for Biafra? For six months Nnamdi Kanu has been locked without bail, he created awareness, he broke the spell and set the pace. Many have paid the ultimate price. Many have spent all they have.
All honest hands are on deck seeking freedom, now you come along pulling tired legs to come to seek for leadership. Now if you are really the leader of IPOB, why not go to your master Buhari and say to him, "I Dozie Ikedife, am the leader of IPOB. Release Nnamdi Kanu and hold me" FOOL! Who do you want to lead? Try your luck and see what happens to people like you. You are an old man that should be retired and playing hide and seek with your grandchildren or hanging out with your age grade for a drink or chat.
We do not need tired and retarded brains like yours to run affairs of IPOB. We reject all Judas's that rape theirs for a token. We have young men and women, hardcore Biafrans who have given their all, and who are willing to die for the love of our motherland. Ikedife, you are an unwanted distraction and there is no seat for you in IPOB. Kindly remain with your bosom friend Buhari, whom you are campaigning for and stop running helter-skelter like a poisoned rat, and if you are so enthusiastic about becoming our leader, set yourself on fire after denouncing your double standard way of life. We IPOB will gladly immortalize you and write your name with gold. A word is enough for the wise!

Victoria. O. C. Agangan
CREDIT: the Biafran times
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