Only a very stupid and retarded fool will think that IPOB, which today is a global phenomenon, emerged out of a leaderless structure. It is equally disheartening that people with clear agenda of supporting the North in their continued subjugation of Biafrans will have the temerity to shamelessly come forward to comment on the leadership of a movement they know nothing about it formation, structure and growth.

Dozie Ikedife, an old and failed “Igbo leader” should concentrate on his support for Hausa/Fulani hegemony which he enthroned in Ohanaeze, a moribund social club he led, when he was its President General. Ikedife should first ask who created and appointed him into position as Vice Chairman of Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), when he was considered to be a man of integrity.

Without Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, who promoted him and Bilie Human Rights Initiative through the instrumentality of Radio Biafra, who would have known about them today? But they were dumped from the group when it was discovered that Ikedife and his fellow Biafra members of Biafra Council of Elders, were frolicking with politicians.

It was not a hidden thing that Ikedife and his cohorts opposed Radio Biafra’s stance against All Progressives Congress (APC), and the party’s plans to Islamize Biafraland. It is on record that Kanu had to visit Ikedife at his clinic in Nnewi with a copy of Eastern Pilot newspaper, which caricatured APC and Chris Ngige in Anambra State. Kanu’s mission was to explain to Ikedife why IPOB would not support APC and Ngige in the governorship election. But Ikedife could not hide his anger that IPOB was campaigning against APC in Anambra State. Three other people were present at that meeting and could verify this story. Arinze Awogu now a Special Assistant to Governor Willie Obiano, was one of them, he was present at this meeting and can confirm the story.

IPOB is a global giant not because of the treacherous and disgraceful acts of the likes of Ikedife, who were kicked out of the Council of Elders, and the council dissolved, but is purely down to the leadership qualities and fearlessness of Nnamdi Kanu. Ikedife cannot reap where he did not sow. Has his group Bilie Human Rights ever come out for protest or to chastise the murderous state apparatus in Nigeria? Which IPOB meeting has Ikedife ever attended? He is a member and one of the leaders of Bilie Human Rights Initiative dedicated to using the name of Biafra to work for   Buhari. Anybody can search online for news stories of Ikedife supporting APC and Buhari, this fact is not hidden.

The likes of Ikedife are the people that ruined Igboland through Ohanaeze and he wants to bring the same destructive confusion to IPOB but he has failed. Any reasonable person will know that he is a hired hand doing the bidding of his masters from the North. The question sensible people must ask is why is it that everybody is now clamouring to be identified with IPOB after Nnamdi Kanu has done (and is still doing) all the work for the phenomenal achievements recorded under his leadership, which the world is taking notice of. And Kanu did all these without sponsorship from politicians.

What has been accomplished by Nnamdi Kanu in terms of building this movement from bottom up, all over the world, cannot be replicated by anyone or group in this generation. Why is it that people are not clamouring to join Ikedife's group if they are doing the right thing for Biafrans. We would want it to be placed on record that Ikedife's group solicited for support to allow Okorocha to join in the Biafra struggle, at a meeting that was held at Bannister House in Hackney London through a Bilie solicitor known as Emekaesiri.  But the request was flatly turned down by our leader, Kanu, because he knew Okorocha did not mean well for Biafrans and their struggle for independence.

Another question Ikedife must answer is: “who is the leader of IPOB as recognised by the United Nations and what name does his group bear?” We have raised these issues for people to know that Ikedife and his group cannot deceive us with a nonexistent court case at Owerri High Court. It is sad to see an old man display so much jealousy and greed at an age when he should be devoted to the preservation of truth and our value system. What a shame that a man who claims to be an elder has not for once condemned Buhari's senseless slaughter of his people. Ikedife lacks that credibility and moral authority to speak about IPOB and it's leadership because he is an agent of the North from his NPN days till date.

The public are advised to ignore him. Ikedife is a liar for saying he is the co-founder of Radio Biafra. All the records are there at Companies House in the United Kingdom to prove that Kanu has always been the Director of Radio Biafra from the onset. Ikedife’s recent actions and utterances show that people will always want to be associated with a good thing. But we do not welcome the likes of Ikedife because they contaminate everything they come into contact with; Ohaneze Ndigbo is a complete mess and an embarrassment today because of Arewa slaves like Ikedife, who were smuggled into its leadership.
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