All elected nigeria officers don't give a damn about Biafrans , all they care about is how to move their selfish gains forward. We are approaching the last days in nigeria even as Biafra restoration continues to sound unstoppable, yet there is a country running without budget, this is owned to several atrocities being served from the head to the last, For those that care about dates and duration, it is 1 year of jihadist paedophile Muhammadu Buhari's presidency and there's been nothing to write about all of that time. Confusion Everywhere You Go!
On Budget: Budget missing, No Budget replaced
Budget padded, Budget scattered. On Boko Haram: Boko Haram flee, Boko Haram begs for amnesty Boko Haram defeated, Boko Haram "technically" defeated On N5000 stipend: It is for unemployed youths No it is for poor/indigent Nigerians No it is too expensive Who said we promised 5k? On free meal for pupils: It is only for primary schools,No it is for very poor primary school No, it's biscuits no meal Each state will decide if they can afford it. 

On Chinese Loan: We received a loan No it is a swap No there was no swap It is an infrastructural contract. On Lagos-Calabar railway: There was budget for Lagos - Calabar rail.
No, there was no budget for Lagos-Calabar rail. There was a budget but was added during committee meeting. If this is not a government of confusion, what name can we call it? The aim of separation of power was for good governance not criminality, wastage of resources, myopic politics, corruption, unlawfully detention of biafrans who agitate for self determination which is a universal law, killing, maiming, and murdering of unarmed Biafra peaceful protesters, intimidating Biafrans using the high corrupt BUHARI led DSS , secret execution of Biafrans on the orders of Buhari through invasion of fulani Herdsmen and DSS on Biafra land, injustices from judges who lord over Biafra cases and who have been confirmed to be bribed by Buhari's to thwart the case and rule in buhari's Favour instead of serving justice as it would be. But Biafra resurgence and restoration is a winning factor and this intimidations will actualize the restoration and eventual release of Our leader Nnamdi Kanu and all Biafrans held hostage in buhari's dungeon all over nigeria. It is noteworthy to reaffirmed and establish herein that IPOB will and has remained resolute and formidable . All Hail biafra. 

Ezekwereogu John 
Published by Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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