Nigeria newsstand of lies
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

While Nigerian government is in a panic as a result of Nnamdi Kanu’s letter to the British government, Nigerian backward, none-progressive and ever-lying media has been spinning lies to cover the obvious facts about it.
Kanu is Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra. He was illegally abducted by Nigeria government late last year and was being persecuted by satanic Nigeria, which trampled on his fundamental human rights. He is a British citizen, of which he is entitled to “all Rights, Privileges and Protections, guaranteed under the British Laws and conventions.” It was in view of this fact that he wrote his government (The British Government) to bring to its attention the deliberate design by the Nigerian Government to subvert the course of justice in his case.
Rather than tell its gullible audience this truth, the ever-lying Nigerian media did what it knew best – twisted it and lied to confuse the issues. But what is obvious is that Muhammadu Buhari, the illiterate and school dropout, who is failing in his attempt to use the Judiciary to attain his evil plot of continuously keeping Kanu out of circulation, is looking for a soft-landing. That is why he decided to employ the services of Nigeria’s over compromised media to weave lies concerning on the issue.
Buhari: illiterate president seeking soft-landing
In the letter, which was signed by his lawyers, it was explicitly stated: “We are therefore constrained in the circumstance, to formally notify the British Government vide this medium, of our well informed reservations, and apprehension, that Our Client is undergoing persecution in the charge above referred, and deliberate design by the persecutors to frustrate every effort of the Defense team aimed at giving Our Client a fair trial”.
Reasons and incontrovertible facts were given for this position, but the Nigerian media would not report, instead they went on to lie to its gullible audience that Kanu begged. This is why our message to Nigeria and its gutter media today is that “a goldfish in a bowl” has no hiding place, and there is no way Buhari can hide from the global embarrassment has caused himself and Nigeria by his stupid arrest of a freedom fighter. It is now obvious that Buhari is desperate to wash his hands off the case and is looking for a way out hence the glee with which he permits his compromised media to spin lies, even with a letter written by a citizen to his government.
Nigerians are invited to visit Biafra platforms to access the letter, to see how pathetic their media has become in interpreting simple issues. Perhaps they would then advise their journalists to read documents before reporting the lies of Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information. Perhaps also, in reading the letter by themselves, they would come to the realization that their country’s media has become so hopeless that they could not even report the miscarriage of justice by its government on the letter.
Kanu: the prisoner of conscience
Let it be on record that Biafrans have long come to the conclusion that only a country of liars like Nigeria could have come up with such fabrication as did the Nigerian media over the letter. Therefore, our simply message to Nigeria is that it should stop grasping at straws; it should stroll to court to prove to the world their bogus treasonable felony charge against Nnamdi Kanu. It should stop scavenging for soft landing for its illiterate president.
The birds have come home to roost, and now more than ever before, Biafran media is assuring Nigeria and its gutter media that those days are gone when they spin lies unchallenged. Today, they can lie; but Biafrans will always expose them. 
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