By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

There is currently panic in Nigeria government as Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), writes the British Government to complain of his illegal arrest and detention by Nigerian government. Kanu, who is also the Director of Radio Biafra based in London, had instructed his lawyers to petition the British government to complain of his persecution by the Nigerian government, as well as the trampling on his fundamental human rights.
Our source revealed that many officials of Nigerian government, who were directly connected with the case, have been cursing the day Buhari gave the order for Kanu’s arrest, which they described as senseless and irresponsible order. They said he (Buhari) was so daft not to know that the man had already secured himself under both local and international legal instruments for his actions. “Many of them now curse the day Buhari was rigged in as President in Nigeria, and the day he gave the order for the arrest of Kanu who they say is in right standing with both local and international laws for all his activities” he said.
Information reaching the Biafra Choice Writers is that many agencies of the government, as well as offices in the External Affairs and Judiciary were in panic mode as they were being bombarded by phone calls on Thursday and Friday from British authorities, who were making enquiries concerning the case. In turn, Nigerian official were bombarding Aso Rock, the Nigerian seat of government, with phone calls and personal visits, to get a clue on how best to handle the matter.
At the initial stages when he was abducted by the State Security Service (SSS) of Nigeria, British government officials had visited him in detention. They wanted to ascertain what the case was all about and how they could wade into the matter. But Kanu – intent on to proving to the world the hopelessness and inefficiency of Nigerian Judiciary – told them to hold on since he already had his defence team in place.
Now, having proven all he wanted to prove about Nigeria and its useless security agencies and Judiciary, he now wants his government – the British government – to step into the matter and Nigerians are panicking.

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