Nda-Isaiah case study. On Wednesday January 1st, 2014 what was the remains of the amalgamation of northern Nigeria and southern Nigeria came to an END having been Contracted together on the same date in 1914. Prior to the expiration date mentioned above, the northern Nigeria who have for the rest of their lives been in total darkness which engulfed the region by ISLAM saw the light from Biafrans from south eastern nigeria, in fact, history has it that the entire administration of the Islamic north was handled by the Biafrans due to the overwhelming ILLITERACY throughout the region.
Since they speak strange language, not really Arabic which they lant from Islam, their inhumation was so awkward that the colonial masters the British finds it easy to assign duties to Biafrans than the hausa/fulanis.But if the British leaves and the Biafrans leaves how can they retain the LIGHT which came with Biafrans I mean technologically, socially, educationally and biologically.
The hausa/Fulani northern Nigeria Islamic tribes was thought by the British that the only way to retain Biafrans is through inter marriage, forced marriage which is by financial inducement or by kidnapping, and that is why you can see some people in hausa/Fulani land called MIXED BLOOD, they are not half cast either rather they took 90% violence blood from hausa/fulanis and 10% blood from the Biafran women whom they kidnapped or financially induced in order to have Igbo Biafran blood which will translate into light for the region when the Biafrans must have established their own nation so that there will be a biological link between the Igbo Biafrans and the north.This they continue doing pre war and post war era and it spans from the date of amalgamation till now 1914-2016.
Some of the products of such unholy union is that man they called Sam Nda-Isaiah, Abraham Nda-Isaiah Jonathan Nda-Isaiah. Three of them works together, Sam Nda-Isaiah is the founder of leadership newspapers, Abraham Nda-Isaiah is the group managing director of leadership newspaper and Jonathan Nda-Isaiah is a junk journalist working with leadership newspapers. They are all 10% Igbo Biafrans and 90% Islamic hausa/fulanis.
Case study is Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah, he was born in Minna Niger state in the northern Nigeria on May 1st, 1962. He attended primary and secondary schools in Christ church school in Kaduna zoo northern Nigeria. He went to university of Ife now THIEF Obafemi Awolowo university south west Nigeria and later served his compulsory national youth service at Ekiti state still in south west zoo nigeria.
He is a pharmacist by training, worked in the land of his birth Minna general hospital, and in conjunction with the hausa/Fulani Islamic looters and fraudsters established many businesses all in northern Nigeria, leadership newspapers is also in Abuja.
Sam Nda-Isaiah became the director of Adolf Hitler of Nigeria The Muhammadu Buhari Organization in 2002. He refers to Buhari as his role model Buhari killed the commander in chief of armed forces of the then federal republic of the ZOO called Nigeria General Johnson Umunnakwe Aguiyi Ironsi in Ibadan Yoruba land as his role model. After establishing leadership newspapers on the 1st October,2004 Sam Nda-Isaiah was quoted by his newspaper saying that CORRUPTION IS PART OF GOVERNANCE.
Another traitor is Rochas Okorocha both men who claims to be Igbo Biafran has hausa/Fulani parents, both men Okorocha and Sam Nda-Isaiah betrayed Goodluck Ebele Jonathan a full blooded great Biafran son in 2015 presidential election, they held a meeting together in Abuja as members of APC party presidential candidates and stepped down for their brother a paedophile and murderer Muhammadu Buhari, and rigged 2015 election in other to favor their Islamic brother.
Sam Nda-Isaiah have no single investment in Biafraland, only helping Rochas Okorocha to build mosques in IMO state and Ebonyi states in Biafraland.
Having lived in Igbo land and speaks Igbo language gave both men to capitalise upon the poverty hausa/Fulani inflicted on Biafrans with the help of the British who amalgamated north and southern zoo Nigeria to induce the people from the east with blood money.
Sam Nda-Isaiah is married to an hausa/Fulani woman and her name is Zainab and they have four terrorist children.
Based on the above facts, none of the Nda-Isaiah's has the right to question the birth right of any Biafran home and abroad, it is physician heal yourself, a man from northern Nigeria Islamic region who was brushed up by the glorious light from Biafraland should worry about the TERRORISM which their mentor the Zoo Nigeria president and Adolf Hitler of Africa Muhammadu Buhari brought into hausaland. It is a blasphemy for him to ask mazi Nnamdi Kanu to chose where he belong.
I therefore use this medium to RENOUNCE and DENOUNCE their claims of being citizens of Biafra. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be released, And Biafra sovereign nation shall come. 
By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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