It's unfortunate that the Nigerian security agencies are keeping quiet over the brutality of Fulani herdsman on innocent citizens of Biafra. The Nigerian security agencies have on the 29th day of April 2016 declared their hopelessness on stopping the Fulani attacks on Biafrans, by stating that they can't fight Fulani terrorists alone. The rate of hypocrisy rampaging in Nigeria has become unbearable. If a well-trained soldier can boldly declare defeat from untrained terrorist in the likes of herdsmen, it means that such country is unsafe for the citizens. It is important for the world to note that Nigerian joint security agencies have been clamping down on innocent IPOB protesters who were unarmed. They killed us on different occasions, even in our praying ground. The Nigerian soldiers have turned Biafra land an emergency state by taking over all the checkpoints in Biafra land. They are seen patrolling every nook and crannies in Biafra land, but they claimed to be unaware of the Fulani planned attacks on innocent Biafra citizens. It is important to let the world know the danger Biafrans are into. We have been surrounded by terrorists in the form of herdsmen while the Nigeria security agencies provide them with weapons and shade to kill to their satisfaction. The lives of every Biafran has been endangered as far as Nigeria continues to be one. They kill us even when we try to defend our land, children, and wives, they joyfully beat and take us to unknown places. All Biafrans must consider the facts that we are no more safe, even if our prophet Nnamdi Kanu has made it clear to us long ago. We must defend our fatherland now or lose it forever. Remember that these uncircumcised maggots are claiming Enugu and Ebonyi states as their land while ordering the rightful owners to vacate the area. Well, think about what will become of you if such thing happens. You must defend your land against these terrorists. The land was given to you by Chiukwu Okike. Remember they are uncircumcised elements who are now present Philistines. They are enemies of cChiukwu Okike and can't take our inheritance away from us. Remember the paedophile won't give a damn, therefore, can't do anything to save you.
Biafrans remember that even those you voted in power to protect you are also the once selling you to the paedophile. They have gone to Abuja to celebrate while we languish in agony. They sold us for crumbs and peanuts, and that's the reason we must fight because we have right to live.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
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