The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) would like to express their gratitude for your excellent report on our plight,indeed the positive exposure you gave us, the Indigenous People Of Biafra on local and international news segment has provided to the world that we are a particular species on the planet earth singled out for total extermination by the present government of Nigeria lead by President Muhammadu Buhari heavily supported by British Government lead by David Cameron.
The Indigenous people Of Biafra has been regularly killed,Arrested,Tortured and imprisoned by combined security Agents of President muhammadu Buhari, we were killed and imprisoned for asking for the release of the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra Mr Nnamdi Kanu and as well asking for self determination which is a universal Law in United Nation Charter.
MR NNAMDI KANU was arrested illegally by President Muhammadu Buhari's security Agent on October 17th 2015 on he's arrival to Nigeria from he's based in united kingdom, since then has been illegally detained till date.

He's arrest triggered a wide world peaceful protest by the Indigenous People Of Biafra with supporters demanding for for his immediate release. Several Competent Courts has ordered for his release unconditional but, the Nigerian Government lead by president muhammadu Buhari flouted the court order and till date Mr Nnamdi Kanu is still been illegally detained.
Finally ,we the Indigenous people Of Biafra immensely appreciate your professionalism with which you reported our plight to the world and we will be glade to maintain this upward momentum with a regular reporting on the Biafrans issues , indeed we are grateful for including us the people of Biafra in your coverage .please extend our thanks to everyone involved . 
Written by Lucky Chibundu

For IPOB Writers
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