NNAMDI KANU AND SECRET TRIAL Judiciary, as arm of government is known to be voice of the voiceless, the hope of the ordinary Man, the mouthpiece of the downtrodden, the saviour of the oppression etc. settle disputes within committees, restore injustice, fair play. It is well recognize as strong pillar of democracy. As a democratic system of government that rule of law is the watchdog, every content of its constitution must has to be followed in order to maintain Justice. According to 1999 constitution as amended, did not provide or made any such provision where a witness to a crime case (treasonable felony) is allowed to be masked. Dr. Nnamdi Kanu, the Director of Radio Biafra (also known as pirate Radio by niGeria government)/ Biafra Television and commander of Biafran armies was kidnapped 14 November, 2015 on his way to spray the gospel for the restoration of Biafra. He was alleged sponsoring Terrorist organization, Intimidation and belonging to terrorist organization. Kanu was given order by magistrate court of jurisdiction twice to be granted bail. He was later transferred to high court where he was also given unconditional release by judge, still none of the orders were respected! buhari (the chief judge of niGeria) according to his media chat anchored my National Television Authority (NTA) claimed that Kanu possess two passports but he came into the country with none, until now, Dr. Kanu has been facing treasonable felony.
Any one that will be witnessing against Dr. Kanu must not be masked because there is no international article or national Law backing it. a witness is measured by its body language, concentration of tongue, dancing eyes, etc. and must not be a ghost. He/she must be able to be recognised by countable persons that can entrust truth in their individual minds. The decision taken by Justice John Tsoho on 7th March 2016 has really shown how flexible the niGerian judicial system has been sat on by the order arms of government (especially, the Executive). Before the last decision, Mr John agreed that secret trial will not granted against the judgement of Dr. Kanu. It was a shock to hear that the same Justice has gone back to that same ruling without tangible excuses backed from the constitution or sighting same referenced case. The world should take note. Dr. Nnamdi Kanu is being persecuted just because he wants his country restored. The only sin he (Kanu) committed was to enter with Iphone and headset (which the president saw as high broadcasting machine) and possessing two passports as dual citizen.  
I challenge Justice John Tsoho and and Mr Buhari to allow rule of law prevail. Open trial is what we want for the world to know what Dr Kanu has done and the kind of judicial system niGeria have.

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