just recently liar mohammed confessed that BUHARI has lost control of nigeria's economy over fall in oil prices, the same BUHARI dullard is now trying to anchor nigeria economy on oil. See zombie.I thought he said he will diversify the economy since we are too dependent
on oil? So why is he still looking for oil again? Better wake up before you are caught unawares by northern agenda.  

The dullard has no plans to diversify d economy, otherwise he will be talking about agriculture, not oil exploration in d north east. same region currently being ravaged by Boko Haram. ONE NIGERIA THEY CLAMOUR FOR IS all about oil money, nothing more. imagine BUHARI saying he is committed to diversification of the nigerian economy, yet mass propaganda office got more allocation than agriculture. 

This normally happens only in a zoo called NIGERIA. This man is really a curse to humanity, looking for oil in dried sahel desert Land that is only good for human skull and terrorism ,If true, then .I still don't get why this government is so much focused on oil. 

This would have been the best and might be Nigeria's only chance to diversify and invest in other sectors of the economy, I have no doubt that the money used for the exploration would have done wonders in the agricultural sector; The fall of oil price has shattered NIGERIA economy and This old man is yet relying heavily on it. 

The problem of this administration is that it lacks CREATIVITY and this is because some people who are at the helm of affairs didn't go to school to get their creative mind sharpen.

They need to get their priorities right, as this is a golden opportunity to do so, imagine where you have a commodity whose market value is on the all- time low and you are still looking for it like it's some hotcake. Who funds this ego-massaging venture that's merely meant to prove the north has oil? Who does? Instead of building industries and creating employment BUHARI is busy looking for oil, Where there is no light, no fuel, job losses, Fulani
killings and boko haram terrorism, dollar to naira is rising, he travels too often, investors fleeing the country, businesses are shutting down... refineries are in comatose.

This is the best Buhari can come up with. buhari is giving hope to the hopeless almajiris. Buhari is crazy. Looking for Oil in a place full of all kinds of terrorists from Boko Haram to Al shabab. Who in their right minds is going to go to such a place to extract Oil even if Oil is found there? buhari dullard wants to use oil facilities in d north to give financial independence to boko haram. Crude oil is the only thing keeping this country together.
I pray they find oil and gas in the North. They can advocate for secession themselves. If the crude oil in the south south was originally in the North, I cant imagine how they would have treated other citizens. Maybe, they may have disintegrated a very long time ago. When the rest of the world are embracing renewable energy Buhari is trying to find oil in his backyard...
Why is NIGERIA so wayward? i think the Nigeria is too big for buhari to rule! it's right time to divided the country now. GIVE US BIAFRA NOW. 

Written by Ezekwereogu John

Edited by Udeagha Obasi

For UmuChiukwu Writers .
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