Can Nigeria be honest to justice for once? This should be the question that should be going through the minds of people of goodwill in Nigeria if there is any and all over the world. When I meditated on the ways in which justice is being insulted in this contraption called Nigeria, I begin to weep because justice has been murdered in Nigeria for no course. 
At times I begin to ask questions, if such thing can happen in this 21St century, what happened when the world was blind? What fate were people meant to face in this country? Truly speaking this country Nigeria supposed to face prosecution for murder. The murder of justice in Nigeria is a punishable to in every civilized country.
Judiciary was made to be the last hope of commons in the country but Nigeria, reverse is the case. Judiciary can be your hope when your pocket is loaded with millions and billions of naira. Let's take the event that took place at Germany where a Muslim lady by name, Amira claimed to have been harassed in the train by a man, as a case of study. The judge knowing that Muslim women don't expose their faces, demanded that she must uncover her face before testifying or risk herself to be jailed. 
Now, take a look at the case of the director of radio Biafra/tv, and leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was arrested since October last year and has been in detention till date. The Nigerian judiciary went as far as ruling on an application of which witnesses will appear on mask inform of masquerade to be precise.
Indeed, it is so ridiculous to have such myopic elements to pass such rule. Anyway, this has really made me to understand that Judiciary in Nigeria is a mockery to justice wide world. How can you allow a masquerades to testify against an accused person?
You need judge to differentiate the Nigerian judiciary from German judiciary. Can you figure out the difference? The truth will always speak for itself, and lies can never stand against truth. Nigeria has made mockery out of it's judiciary without doubt. 
In this expired contraption, the president preside for the three arms of government. The judiciary, legislature and executive. The president often tells them when to obey simple order of the court, and his errand boys accepts. 
It is no news that the president of this contraption is operating all sectors of the government both the military. This dullard has successfully influenced all those who supposed to speak on behalf of the dying justice through the little peanuts that falls from his dining table, and these honorable men and women proudly accepts it.
Nigerians should be ashamed of themselves to have such corrupt elements as their leaders. In Biafra, we will not tolerate such action, and we will always fight for the survival of justice, because the blood of justice is so precious and divine. 
Nigeria need disintegration because the abuse of justice is mostly meant for a particular ethnic, which is Biafra. We have watched justice murdered over and over again, and we can't fold our arms and watch justice buried. Biafra has come to bring justice back to life and hope and future to the her people. God Bless Biafra, God Bless her people.
By Emmanuel Precious, 
Edited Udeagha Obasi
For umuchukwu writers.
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