NIGERIA AT THE CORRIDORS OF ISLAM. First, I want to carefully elaborate on some vital secrets behind Islam.The purpose of this article is not to promote any hatred towards Islam or anyone except to awake up and give necessary feedback and as well educate and inform all ignorant naive non-Muslim folks. The real situation the non-Muslims are now very grave and serious. The voices and the body languages of Islam are loud and clear Heed it or lose to it. 

There are no ways of round about thinking regarding the true nature of Islamist who are united in their efforts to achieve global dominance of Islam in a long term run just like what is currently going on in Nigeria. The Muslims have dominated about 70 Percent of the western region (the Yoruba's), there are some so-called intellectuals and apologetics who are saying that "ISLAM" is a religion of peace" . There are two modes of Islamization; (1) VIOLENT ISLAMIZATION THROUGH JIHAD. (2) GRADUAL ISLAMAZATION BY ABSORPTION AND DEMOGRAPHIC CONQUEST. It happened in many Middle East areas, some parts of Europe and Africa, Central Asia and Indian subcontinents like Malaysia and Indonesia etc. Another mode the Muslims uses to islamize non Muslims are; (1) SETTLING DOWN IN NON-MUSLIM areas or land which is already going on in almost all parts of the old Eastern Region of Nigeria (BIAFRA). (2) SETTING UP PLACES OF WORSHIP/BUSINESS. (3) AGGRESSIVELY PURSUING TO SNATCH NON-MUSLIM WOMEN TO MARRY THEM. (4) BUILDING MUSLIM ENCLAVES AND ENVIRONMENT. Yet some people flatly reject and underestimate this Islamic threat . And It is with utmost urgency that the Biafrans wishes to bring to the world attention, the incremental but gradual Islamization of Nigeria by predominantly the Muslim ruling class in Nigeria . The Nigerian government buffered by the Muslim dominated military establishment has long been dominated by northern Nigeria Muslim and it's however sad to note that prominent northern Nigeria Muslim's have over the years been stripping the country of it's secular status, and are gradually forcing Islamic laws on the rest of the country. Why is it that the majority non-Muslim's of Nigeria seems powerless to stop the Islamization process, one may ask? The answer is simple; the military machinery is behind the Muslim north, hence the emasculated non-Muslim's majority is afraid to protest and that is why the Biafrans have decided to choose their future before it gets late. The following are examples of the unilateral acts by the Muslim-dominated Nigeria Government towards the gradual Islamization of Nigeria . (1) In 1967, Major General Muhammadu Buhari introduced Nigeria to Organization Of Islamic Conference (O.I.C) 
(2) In 1986, General Ibrahim Babangida unilaterally signed up Nigeria as a member of the Organization Of Islamic Conference (O.I.C)
(3)Under the leadership of the Abacha's military regime, the Nigerian Government adopted a policy of not allowing females dressing in pants of any sort to enter Nigeria Federal Government buildings. Such manner of dressing is supposed to be un-islamic .
(4) On June 15 1997, the Nigeria Industry Minister in the Abacha's military government,a northern Muslim, representing the Muslim controlled government, joined the presidents of Iran,Turkey, Indonesia, prime minister of Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh in Istanbul Turkey in signing a declaration, according to reputable news Magazine, THE WEEK of may 26 ,1997. The declaration states that members agreed that an appropriate mechanism should be established to liaise with other relevant Organizations particularly the Organization Of Islamic Conference (O.I.C).
(5) News paper Vanguard dated February 14, 2000 convened what they called a national seminar on Sharia and issued a pronouncement for calling for the institution of Sharia all over Nigeria .
(6) Lastly and the current one, on the 7th of march 2016 in an interview with the Aljazeera, President Muhammadu Buhari who is a Muslim from northern Nigeria stated that Nigeria will join the Saudi Arabia led Muslim countries against terrorism.

Written by Lucky  
Edited by Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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