In the continuing wave of Biafrans’ worldwide protest across different countries of the world, the train of the protest will land in the United States of America (USA) on Monday, March 21, 2016. In a recent release to Biafran media, the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), revealed that Biafrans will be stepping-out in front of Capitol Hill, in Washington DC in continuation of their worldwide protests.

Biafrans will be protesting their forced retention in the Nigerian state; the extermination of their people by Nigerian government; as well as the occupation of their land by Nigeria. Capitol Hill is the seat of USA Congress, and the Biafrans will be there in their hundreds; and in their usual pomp and color, will let the USA lawmakers know of their plight in the evil contraption called Nigeria. They will also be soliciting the support of USA Congressmen to help in securing the release of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who has been held illegally in detention by the Nigerian authorities.
The protest will commence by 10 AM (3pm Biafraland time). Biafrans believe that the USA, a major world power, and the number one believer in human rights of all the countries of the world, should no longer sit on the fence in the face of ongoing genocide being perpetrated on Biafran people by Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian maximum ruler.
The address of the protest is: 100E Capitol Street, NE Washington DC 20003.

The release called on Biafrans and lovers of Biafra, as well as people of goodwill all over the world to join in the protest to save the souls (SOS) of millions of Biafrans who are under the threat of extermination by Nigeria. 

The numbers to call during the protest by Biafrans, Friends, and Well Wishers are: +1202-2243121; and +1202-2254361. The time for the protest is 3pm – 11pm, Biafraland time.

By Tim Tochukwu

For Biafra Choice Writers
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