Breaking news all over the world on 19/02/2015: Judge Rejects Secret Trial Of Kanu
Then breaking news all over the world on 07/03/2016: Witnesses to testify in secret.
If N100,000,000.00 can by your dignity as a Judge of competent court of justice, then the world wonders where we are heading to. After Buhari’s outburst in an interview with Al Jazeera reporter, JUDGE TSOHO immediately did a U-turn over his initial ruling without an appeal from the defendant. Why will he not retreat his own initial ruling after his master’s utterances and after he has been reminded of the amount of money he received.
JUDGE TSOHO is a slave doing the work of his master, BUHARI. No wonder he takes information from his slave colleagues, the DSS to jail NNAMDI KANU. DSS takes information directly from BUHARI.
In the same court, different rulings on the same case at different dates. This is a rape on the Nigerian Judiciary through JUDGE TSOHO. Why must JUDGE TSOHO do what the master asks and not let justice prevail? This means that JUDGE TSOHO can tell us that a colour can be white and tomorrow becomes black in the Federal High Court of Nigeria just because a bag of #100,000,000.00 is being dangled in the face of JUDGE TSOHO.

This man is a shame to the present JUDICIARY worldwide not just in NIGERIA. If justice is for sale, then what is the faith of the common man on the street? What happens to you? What is the present NBA doing? Is NBA part of the deal? How many people are the part-takers of the money? The international communities are now enthusiastically watching the proceedings.

Written by Okolosi

Edited by Udeagha Agwu Obasi

For IPOB Writers

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