Determination for sovereign state of Biafra has really taken different negative shape since exemption of which the statistics of murdered and missing persons both under the platform of IPOB, MASSOB, BIM is still uncertain the Number taken by either niGeria Police, Soldiers or Navy on daily bases.
Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB and Biafra Independent Movement, BIM, yesterday accused the Anambra State police command of killing about 20 of its members secretly, challenging them to debunk the allegation.
The accusation was made in Onitsha by the Regional Administrator, Anambra West, Mr. Wilfred Aninze, who said that most of the members killed were those caught with Biafra insignia and motorcycle plate numbers, wondering why such inhuman treatment would be meted to their members.
Mr. Wilfred Aninze said, “the secret killing came to the limelight when one of our members, Okechukwu Joseph, was reported missing by his wife. "Early this year, 10 of our members were declared missing and from the report we got, they were secretly arrested and killed by the Police without the knowledge of our members.
“We learnt that the police topshot in the country had a meeting with all the State Commissioners of Police, and in the meeting, it was resolved that MASSOB/BIM members would be secretly caught and killed.
“By the end of February, the number of those declared missing which we suspected to have secretly been killed stood at 20." The Regional Administrator stated that “we will not continue to keep our hands akimbo and watch our members being killed without committing any offence.
“We are a non violent organization fighting for a sovereign state of Biafra."
Biafrans can not continue to watch niGeria murderous contraption of the British to continue with their blood thirsty act on the sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers Biafra. Before the giving up of "freewill" to constitutional conduct, i believe everyone were living like "animal kingdom" where there is no conduct than "survival of the fittest". When we Biafrans finally engage that system, Somalia we be paradise compare to niGeria. Give us Biafra now!!
By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
For Umuchukwu writer
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