Uche Mefor, IPOB Deputy Leader
With the strings of Biafran independent protests planned to be held in many world capitals in the coming weeks, a Biafran leader has assured his compatriots in the struggle to remain focused and resolute because their hard-work had started yielding good fruits.
Uche Mefor, Deputy Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Deputy Director of Radio Biafra, told The Biafra Telegraph that all denials by Nigerian government and its officials that they had not been killing Biafrans were already being exposed to world gradually. He therefore urged Biafrans not to relent in their efforts because the world will soon do something about their plight.  
In an interview he granted to The Biafran Telegraph, Mefor stated that the international community has started realizing that all that Nigerian government and officials have been telling them regarding the Biafra restoration efforts, had been lies. He explained that after Amnesty International (AI), the world renowned human rights group viewed the last Aba massacre of Biafrans, they became convinced that a lot of atrocities were being committed by Nigeria against the people.
According to him, the international community had viewed previous evidences of the killing of unarmed Biafrans, including pictures and videos supplied to them, as not real, and not authentic.  “As is always the case, whenever they (Nigerian Army and Police) kill our people they will deny and the international community will believe them,” he said.
He went on to state that such was no longer the case. “Unfortunately for them this time, God decided to expose them because there is incontrovertible evidence, which is represented in a video recording, detailing, and showing to the world how they started killing our people in Aba. Nobody can deny that anymore” he added.
He said commendation for the success of the struggle so far should go to Biafran people who have remained resolute in the face of past disappointments. Going further, he said Biafrans who stood their ground as the original owners of Biafraland, and withstood all the wicked acts of Buhari and his fellow Fulanis and their Hausa slaves, should be highly applauded.
To those who died in the struggle, he comforted their families, assuring them that the sacrifices of their sons and daughters would never be forgotten by Biafrans. He said also that they will forever remember and honour them. “One thing is clear here, we will never forget them. We will continue to honour their memories. We will make sure that wherever they are, they will know we did not forget their labour of love towards the Biafran people” he said.
Continuing, he charged Biafrans not to give up because victory was near. He said that in spite of the fact that the road may be rough and tough, that God will ultimately give victory to Biafrans. His words: “The journey might be long, the road might be convoluted, it might be tortuous, but in the end we will prevail”.

Speaking of the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, who had been in Nigerian gulag since October last year, Mefor said the world should understand that Muhammadu Buhari’s obsession was to have Kanu jailed. He urged them not to allow the Nigerian ruler to jail an innocent man.<!-- adsense -->
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  1. You want us to keep faith or fate but the money for defense fund can not be used for what it was meant for.. Where is it? You are keeping faith while our people were dying on daily bases in the hands of the military. What kind of useless faith/fate is that? You demanded for defense fund yet we can not buy a common matchet/cutlass to defend ourselves.. Where all the money contributed to this struggle went to? Do you people think that we are daft or what? I thought Nnamdi Kanu the mouthy one claimed that he studied about Biafra for 17 years and we are formidable with our trained military on the grounds.. If not hundreds or tens have been killed yet we can not see any form of para-military inside the IPOB... What a misled organization

  2. There is no struggle without casualties. Give God the glory who has been the banner over His people. All we need is Biafra,not blood. Wisdom is the principal thing. Taking up arms is the strategy of the weak and tactless. War is already on but the foolish doesn't know. The leader promised to destroy Nigeria with truth. It is for this same truth that he is been incarcerated. It is still that line of truth that is bringing Nigeria to her knees and we must continue in the footsteps he set before his kidnap. Truth must prevail in the end. So, stay there and keep waiting for matchets while the true warriors are at it. Don't forget that you could join Boko Haram, ISIS or Cattle herdsmen if you are blood thirsty. Draculas everywhere!

  3. Thanks anthonia ngoka for educating them. Some don't no what freedom fighting is all about. But nor matter what happen biafra must come.war is on. Intellectual war is only war that will bring zoo Nigeria down.