By Onumajuru Onyekachi Mac Santos (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

The decades' hypocritical game of politics in Igbo land has been the Centre of all political crimes and large-scale corruption. The unhealthy situation has relegated every ordinary citizen to a political enslaved person. The politicians systematically fine-tune citizens to renew their slave license every 4years by directly or indirectly forcing them to get their unworkable PVC. 


The era and generation of these Igbo politicians never for one day represented the people that voted for them. Instead, they represent their selfish interest and pocket using a hypocritical mindset to enslave the masses that voted them in.

I will detail a few ongoing political conspiracies and deception below with vivid points, facts and figures.


Peter Obi's mirage presidential ambition has watered down the common interest of Ndigbo, which is the Biafra struggle. His hypocritical move has massively divided the attention of Biafrans. It has encouraged the Fulani terrorists to come down to the East (Biafra land) hurriedly and has resulted in genocide, molestations, rape, Fulani kidnapping, ransom, widespread extortions and destruction in Biafra land. Instead of our political class making comments to defend their people, they keep criminal and hypocritical mute while their people are suffering in their land. 


Peter Obi's hypocritical action that made every person with a conscience shed tears was how he sent "a get-well message" to hospitalized Yemi Osibanjo via Twitter. Still, he refused to commiserate with his brothers, killed by political dogs and the killing machine known as Ebuebe Agu in Awomama and Igbo land. What about the hateful hypocritical comment Obi made on a radio program when a Fulani youth asked him a question about IPOB agitation? He indirectly classified IPOB/Nnamdi Kanu as killers and criminals. Peter Obi recognizes Yoruba agitator Sunday Igboho as the only freedom fighter to negotiate with. He even stylishly mentioned how he killed MASSOB members when he was governor in that radio broadcast.


ASSU is on strike, and the health sector is in shambles. The unsurprising thing is that Igbo politicians and their families get medical attention abroad, and their children study abroad. At the same time, ordinary Igbo people and their children shake hands, hug and randomly kiss poverty, hunger, lack of medical attention, suffering, etc.


The height of conspiracy in the history of humankind was the show of shame displayed by a coalition of 52 Northern groups who ignorantly rejected UNHRC's pronouncement on IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The UNHRC's working group on arbitrary detention told Nigeria to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and pay him compensation. Till now, am yet to see any Igbo politician, traditional or religious leader challenge that shameful and uneducated rejection by the Northern groups. Although the unseen ghost groups are Fulani fabrication. At least Igbo politicians, religious and traditional leaders are supposed to match their Northern counterparts words to words, strength to strength. But they choose criminal hypocritical silence as an option and exit route.


Finally, it is a mind-blowing and packaged conspiracy that both Igbo politicians, religious and traditional leaders collectively set social media aflame because of Deborah Samuel. She was murdered in her school by Islamists who claimed he blasphemed their prophet. These same Igbo leaders pay little or no attention to the ongoing daily blood bath in Igbo land, of which the killers of innocent Igbo people are not hidden. There was a time when Either Haiti or Trinidad and Tobago suffered tragedy a few years back. Do you know that Igbo elders were making a global case of why their houses were on fire? An Igbo proverb says, "he whose house is on fire shouldn't chase rat". But Igbo land is on fire, but Igbo political elites, religious and traditional leaders, are busy chasing rats. The questions are, which one is safer between Haiti and Igbo land? Are the above-mentioned Igbo class against or with ordinary Igbo people? Their actions and words prove otherwise that they are not there for the ordinary Igbo people they claim to represent.


Their past and present records boldly indicate that Igbo land is the empire of hypocrisy. The political hypocrites have sworn an oath to jealously guard their hypocritical format rather than serving the masses that voted them in. It is high time for people to disrespect and disregard the customized antics these hypocrites use to enslave their people.

In Biafra, we stand.

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