By Onumajuru Onyekachi Mac Santos (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

We should not forget the ugly situation in the Igbo land is a paradigm of "Ikemefuna story in the late Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart". Okonkwo promised to take Ikemefuna back to his village. On getting to a point, Ikemefuna developed strange feelings and feared the men that accompanied Okonkwo wanted to kill him. Immediately one of the men pushed him, and the pot he was carrying fell. He ran to Okonkwo, whom he trusted and called father. Okonkwo raised his machete and killed the boy that calls him father.


The same trust Igbo people had for their traditional and political leaders when evil Fulanis were gradually attacking Igbo land. Ndigbo asked for regional security to protect Igbo land in the mould of Amotekun of the southwest. They never knew the traditional and political leaders didn't have Igbo interests. Instead, they prefer to preserve their Fulani master's interest and further the Islamization and Fulanization agenda to remain in the corridors of power. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu answered the call of Ndigbo with the Eastern Security Network (ESN) establishment. The ESN drove the Fulani marauders away from our forests and made our farmlands safe again. The success of ESN angered the Fulani oligarchy, who descended on Igbo political leaders. The SE governors hurriedly launched Ebuebe Agu to counter the ESN. Most Ebuebe Agu operatives are Fulanis and riverine Biafrans. Only a few of them are from Igbo extraction, and those are notorious cultists and hardened criminals.


Questions on people's lips are; what is the mission of Ebuebe Agu? Who are they working for? What are their intentions, mode of operations, and who sponsors their deadly actions in Igbo land? The below analysis will carefully explain and expose it in clear terms.


With the latest happenings, we all know that the mission of Ebuebe Agu in Igbo land is not in favour of Ndigbo but to activate and speed up Fulanization. With their actions and conduct, people with common sense know that they are working for Fulani. They are also handy as political watchdogs and killing machines for Igbo politicians against anyone who challenges or questions their corrupt and fraudulent leadership. The governors intended to establish Ebuebe Agu to make Igbo land a safe haven for Fulani. That is why the politicians secretly and stylishly approved #RUGA with the collaboration of traditional leaders.


Their ongoing callous actions expose their mode of operations and sponsors. The few Igbo youths in Ebuebe Agu are responsible for spying and pointing out the houses of successful Igbo businessmen, IPOB family members and anyone that opposes the governors. The Fulanis and riverine Biafrans in Ebubeagu are in charge of killing Igbos and burning houses and businesses. They have two layers of sponsorship; seen and unseen sponsors. The seen sponsors are the Igbo political elites, traditional leaders and Nigerian government, etc. The unseen sponsors are those groups that indirectly or directly fight IPOB leadership and violently enforce Monday sit at home on the poor masses. On the other hand, those enforcing sit at home are sister agents to the Ebuebe Agu militia because they are in charge and involved in 40% of kidnappings in Igbo land.


The genocidal activities and destruction of properties in Igbo land are the handy work of Ebuebe Agu vampires. Twenty boys that went to a traditional wedding were gunned down in Awomama, Imo state, last month. Fourteen were found on the road, while six bodies were found in the bushes. What about the trending killings in Irete, Owerri Imo state, where more than eight were murdered, not to mention slaughtering and murderous activities in Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra and Abia States? All the government could do was tag the corpses bandits and try to rope IPOB in as the culprit.


The wild spread protests in all Igbo land signifies that Igbos are not comfortable with Ebuebe Agu, and their dirty services are not needed anymore. They have caused more harm than good in lgbo land. Ebuebe Agu in Igbo land made many women widows and parents childless and homeless. They indulge in broad daylight extortion, raping and random molestation with the official assistance of NIGERIA security agents. The protests have made the world understand that Ebuebe Agu is not for Igbos. In the history of Ebuebe Agu, they have never arrested any criminal, traitor or even Fulani herders that are killing farmers and destroying the farm crops. Instead, they go after innocent Igbo people.


The simple question is whether the governors sponsoring Ebuebe Agu are with or against Igbos. Ebuebe Agu epitomizes suffering, agony, poverty, intimidation, bleeding, extortion, insecurity and also housing the enemies of the ordinary Igbo person in the name of protection. Igbos’ body language practically says capital “NO" to murderous Ebuebe Agu in Igbo.

In Biafra, we stand.

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