By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

On 26th December 2021, masked security men abducted Uche Nwosu, a former gubernatorial candidate in Imo state, at St Peter's Anglican Church in Eziama Nkwere, Imo state. Information has it that these men are security agents attached to the Imo state government house.

Although the commissioner of police in Imo state Mr Michael Abattam said it was an arrest, not kidnap, people who saw the video will agree that the CP lied. How can you arrest somebody in a church where there are children, men and women, both young and old, with gunshots? People were seen scampering for safety. 

The security agents did not present any identification. They beat Uche Nwosu up, tore his wife's clothes and bundled him into a car's boot. Hope Uzodimma and his killer security agents cannot deny it. They cannot blame it on ESN because the video has gone viral. If they have a case against such a high-profile politician, they have to invite him first, and if he refuses to honour the invitation, then they can go for an arrest, not kidnap and not in the Church while the church service is still going on.

This incident is enough evidence to show that governor Hope Uzodinma and his terrorist security agents are behind all the extrajudicial killings and kidnappings in Imo state. This is how he has been killing Imo youths and Traditional rulers who oppose his atrocities. After killing Imolites, he will tag youths IPOB/ESN members, traditional rulers and his political opponents, he will tag IPOB sponsors. If what happened between Uche Nwosu and Hope Uzodinma boys was not captured in a viral video, he will blame it on IPOB/ESN as he was doing before. 

ON the other hand, the Church is supposed to be a refuge for people. Uche Nwosu being in a church did not prevent his kidnapping. The pastors in the Church where he has contributed so much could not speak how much more resist his abduction. This affront on Christianity shows that Christians are not safe anywhere because this cannot happen in a Mosque. The Christian religious leaders are not making things easy either. They have mortgaged the churches, allowing themselves to be compromised by accepting unsolicited funds from politicians. Politicians use financial inducements to shut the mouth of religious leaders. They cannot speak in situations like this, a disgrace and a significant challenge to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

Mazi Nnamdi, IPOB and ESN have been vindicated once again. God will continue to expose Hope Uzodinma, Imo politicians and the evils they commit in Imo state. Recently many youths, politicians and traditional rulers have been killed in Imo State under governor Hope Uzodinma. It is only happening in Imo state. Even top northern politician like Almed Gullack was killed in the state. Once Hope Uzodinma sees you as a political enemy, or you refuse to dance to his tune, he will go after you. Some of his opponents also have their killer squad. They go after Hope Uzodimma loyalists, turning Imo state into a killing field.

Imolites have passed through this since the Fulani installed Hope Uzodimma as governor from the fourth position through the Supreme Court. Everybody knows what has happened in Orlu, Izombe, Orsu Ihiteukwa and other parts of the state. Hope Uzodinma should remember that this Uche Nwosu was an untouchable in Imo state just a few years ago. Hope Uzodimma, you cannot be shedding innocent blood and expect to go scot-free. Posterity shall indeed judge you because you will reap what you sow.

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