By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

APC governors in core Igbo states have vividly and ignorantly shown how mentally weak and unreasonable they are. They allow Fulani to use them as enemies of their people; they are undiplomatic and act without any intelligence. Those two APC Fulani governors have publicly owned up their murderous and inhumane actions against their people, thinking they will be in the corridors of power forever.

After collecting loans from Islamic banks with Fulanization agenda, which is open grazing policy as collateral, Ebonyi state citizens enjoy good roads and modern markets while paying back with their lives. Senior slave governor Engr David Nwaeze Umahi is only interested in his political career; a mere mirage vice president come 2023. Sometimes I ponder why Igbo politicians choose to go for cheap and myopic deputy post, not even the head of state in the hands of people who are not their match in all ramifications. They are always in a hurry to eat crumbs that fail from the masters' table. 

Just because of Dave Umahi's ambition, many Ebonyi citizens have been killed in their numbers, uncountable locked up in secret cells and prisons without trial, communities sacked, houses burnt, and lots converted to Islam against their wish. Unthinkable and unimaginable has happened in Ebonyi state, which the media houses need to give full coverage. The blockade, massive secret pogrom, widespread rape, destruction and burning of homes and properties. Damage to farms crops with cattle caused hunger that made many accept Islam, while some accepted for political reasons and others on gunpoint, thanks to Engr David Nwaeze Umahi. 

Recently Ebonyi state governor recruited hungry hoodlums, criminals, Fulani herders, cultists, bandits from other states and DSS unknown gunmen to form the Ebubeagu Security outfit. The work of a few individuals in their mist is to point at the houses, shops, and locations of IPOB members, even none IPOB members but people who talk about Biafra freedom. At night DSS Ebubeagu arsonist branch will go and burn down the house and assassinate the innocent citizen. Igboeze is a current living example of ongoing genocide. The governor has never hidden how he invited Nigeria Fulani dominated military. The soldiers are in various locations doing the bid of Fulani APC with the face of Engr David Nwaeze Umahi. From his recent speech, the governor is ready to wipe out any opposition to the Fulani agenda. APC hates opposition with passion, whether youths, IPOB or fellow corrupt politicians from other political parties. The unrest in Ebonyi state has accelerated under the official mask of operation #Golden Dawn.

With the negative impression and empty promises from APC Fulani's presidency, both politically blind APC genocidists governors in Biafraland (Dave Umahi and Hope Uzodinma) are openly testing who will kill more of his people. Since the 2020 #endsars protest, Imolites have been on the receiving end and victims of senseless and unprovoked killings, massive kidnapping, burning of houses, rape and illegal detention of innocent and peaceful Imolites. Izombe, Orlu and Okigwe, in Imo state, are examples, military shooting unarmed and helpless civilians in their respective homes and farms. Hope Uzodinma, the Fulani APC appointed supreme court administrator, used it to show his master he can outperform his political party partner in Ebonyi state. No one is paying Hope Uzodinma for the countless mayhem he is meting out on his people. Instead, he pays tribute to Fulanis, who brought him from 4th position to make him governor. He always moves with more security than the president. 

The next target is Anambra state, which the APC DSS killing machine is handling with the command of two APC Fulani bloodsucker governors/politicians. They have turned Anambra state into a killing field. Hired assassins kill prominent politicians, the imported Bokoharam in military uniform kills citizens. Nobody is safe, and nowhere is safe. Many Anambra state citizens have left the state to come back after the election. APC is not giving up; they have imported prisoners from all over Biafraland and mercenaries from the Sahel to vote on Saturday.

The people know their enemies in Igbo land because these governors are in the picture. Only one familiar voice, unity, and obedience to IPOB instructions because they have the road map of Biafra restoration. One thing these governors mentioned above should know is that" what goes up must indeed come down automatically respecting gravitational law of motion on Earth. Igbos are patiently waiting for you because "Aku fechaa o daana awo". Go and ask Rochas Okorocha and other efulefus who served the Fulani.

    In Biafra, we stand.

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