By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)

Edited by Joseph Afokwalam

The drum of war is seriously sounding, and the war jets are hovering around Igbo land. The soldiers have successfully gained access and penetrated all corners of Igbo land. The cries of mourning mothers fill the air because Biafraland has turned to a killing field. Signs of danger everywhere in Igbo, like in the 2017 pogrom. #Operation Golden Dawn is deadlier and more direct than previous genocides in Biafraland. Indigenous people can't go out without facing molestation, killings, extortion and rape.

The ongoing pogrom in Igbo land is merry go round. All the states are randomly boiling on a large scale of violent and murderous activities against the Igbo Biafrans. In 2017, operation python dance had the same storylines when politicians, Ohaneze Ndigbo, religious and traditional leaders collectively invited soldiers in the name of calming down insecurity in peaceful Igbo land. We know about their conspiracy against Igbo youths and individuals who condemned their atrocities and wickedness. They decided to wipe out youths and opposition with the full backing of the Fulani APC government. At the same time, terrorists sack northern communities, and Christians in the North observe mass burial every week.  

After launching "Operation Golden Dawn", the Nigerian military declared their stand on their press release that they came to the East to raid terrorists, IPOB. The question is, who is IPOB? The IPOB are all Biafran people. The game of reducing the indigenous population is officially on. The unprovoked genocide has resurrected from all angles in Igbo land as it stands now. The people of Izombe in Imo state were killed in large numbers, their corpses dumped on roads and bushes and their houses set on fire by Nigerian soldiers (arson specialists). People ran for dear life, as there was unstoppable rain of bullets with serious pandemonium. Helpless citizens of Izombe in Imo state ran out of their communities and villages without directions.


In Igbo land now, no one can quantify or ascertain how many people are being killed in this season of #Operation Golden Dawn. All the morgues in Igbo land are filled with corpses murdered by Nigeria Security agents. They poured acids on many to disfigure them beyond recognition and secretly buried them in shallow graves. An uncountable number of dead bodies are dumped in the rivers. Countless atrocities and intentional killings dominate Igbo land. It is none of the politician's business because their relatives/families are all abroad, leaving the ordinary citizens to bear the brunt. 

"You cannot appease the devil without an evil act". As if the killings in Igbo land is not enough, the demons and blood-sucking political, religious and traditional leaders established a killer squad known as Ebubeagu. This murderous Security outfit has sent people to their early graves, including burning down properties. They are doing all these to please Fulani APC masters to complete the Fulanization of Biafraland and be rewarded with political appointments and contracts. The question is, if you succeed in wiping out the youths and your oppositions, who will fight for you when Fulani come after you? They must surely come after you because Fulanis don't tolerate any tribe except their fellow Fulanis. They only want to use you to get Fulanize the place, and they will dump you the same way they dumped others. Rochas Okorocha is a lesson, but our politicians never learn.

During the upcoming Anambra state election, the few people alive have seen reasons to stay indoors during the already rigged by APC Fulani government. Anyone who ignores this increased record of deaths will only blame himself because "the stubborn fly always follows the corpse to the grave" Operation Golden Dawn is for war and Fulanization agenda, not for peace or protection of Igbo land.

In Biafra, we stand.

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