BY Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

Afghanistan recruited Taliban that dropped their weapon into Afghani Army, in the same vein, Nigeria has drafted repentant Bokoharam into the Nigerian military. Taliban in Afghani Army got training, promotions, ammunitions and money, the same way with Bokoharam in the Nigerian army. In early 2000, the United States of America and NATO defeated the Taliban. The Nigerian Army has on several occasions claimed to have degraded and defeated Bokoharam. The Taliban are still in Afghanistan, just like Bokoharam are still in Nigeria.


In Afghanistan, negotiations took place with the Taliban. In Nigeria, negotiations also took place between the Nigerian government (Sheikh Gumi) and Bokoharam. For up to 20 years, the US government was using the carrot and stick approach with the Taliban, but as soon as the US left Afghanistan, the Taliban went back to what they were doing before, I e causing mayhem everywhere.


The Fulani cabal ruling on behalf of the dead Buhari are the sponsors of Bokoharam. Now that they are in power, they give Bokoharam all the necessary support to equip them properly for future actions. The pardon and recruitment of so-called repentant Bokoharam into the Nigerian Army have a lot of interpretations. Repentant Bokoharam should be made to face trial.


Although the Nigerian Army has more soldiers than Bokoharam, they were unable to defeat them. One day, you will hear that Bokoharam has taken over the Nigerian government. The next thing will be that Nigeria has become an Islamic Nation.


Based on how things are going, every effort must be made to restore Biafra. That is the only way to get Christians out of this tragedy. As you all know, Biafranland is the only Land undented with Islam. There is no way Islam will have the upper hand in the Land of the rising sun, how much more overtaken Children of the Most high. It is necessary for not only Biafrans but Christians as well were ever you find yourselves in Nigeria to join hands.

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