Wake up Call For Biafrans In the Nigeria Military and ParaMilitary

■  Author : Anonymous Writer 1
Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 03 June 2021

I have to address my Biafran brethren serving in the military and other security agencies who may not know that the War has begun already, yes because some Nigerian security operatives have been deployed in the Biafra region to kill and destroy Biafrans all in the name of beating us into submission.
We were killed in millions during the genocidal Biafra War and up till now we are still being killed yet we will never back down, giving up is worst than death itself, we will continue to fight until we are free from the oppressor.

We the Biafran people who are at the forefront of this struggle has done our best both the Civilian Security and ordinary Civilians, while nothing has been done by many of our Biafran brethren in the Nigeria military rather they pave the way and support our enemies in the killing of their people thinking they could gain favour from their Fulani slave masters or they intentionally want to sabotage the struggle which has dare consequences in the nearest future, in case they forgot what we're fighting for, I would love to remind them, we're fighting to liberate ourselves from the shackles of the British human zoo in Africa called Nigeria under the control of the Fulani Janjaweed.

I have these questions to ask all Biafrans serving in the Nigerian security agencies.👇👇

* What could be the reason you don't want to fight those killing your people internally, even if it's a suicide mission?

* What is your support in the warfare of the Biafra freedom?

* What is stopping you in coordinating yourselves in the Service to fight against our enemies in unison?

* Should we conclude those of you in the Nigeria security are cowards main reason you can't revolt?

* What effort have you made to communicate with the IPOB leadership to collude with them?

I see enough reasons to ask these questions because Biafrans in the Nigerian security has become so useless to this Biafra course and we are beginning to count them as traitors until they prove they're not.

It is time they devise means and support what we're doing or perish with the enemies, we have no time left, it is now or never, Biafra is our destination, I urge all Biafrans in the military and other security agencies to sit up so that we can move together to the promised land .

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