Hope Uzodinma Is Responsible For Gulak's Death

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■ 03 June 2021

Ahmed Ali Gulak

The Supreme Governor of Imo State Hope Uzodinma is the masterminder of the death of Ahmed Ali Gulak, a chieftain of the APC and one-time political adviser to former Nigeria President, Goodluck Jonathan.

There is a huge fact to prove that Hope Uzodinma is behind the death of Gulak, anybody trying to indict IPOB or ESN in this is simply trying to instigate violence to kill Biafrans living in the Northern part of Nigeria. Although this has already become too complicated, hence it's become obvious that Gulak's death was hurriedly avenged with the killing of the late  NECO registrar, Godswill Obioma in his Mina residence.

A well-known fact is that Hope Uzodinma emerged as the Imo State Governor through the back door with a promise to his Fulani masters to Islamize, Fulanis and deliver Imo State to Fulani Political masters for conquest, which unfortunately for them did not work out as smooth as it was bargained following the gallantry works of IPOB and ESN who are massively countering their terrorist move in Biafraland.

Ahmed Ali Gulak happened to be an APC Chieftain who played a role in imposing Hope Uzodinma as Imo State Governor, after several months Uzodinma failed to deliver Imo State to the Fulani people as he promised that's the main reason Gulak came to Imo State to question Hope Uzodinma on why he was yet to deliver as he promised without knowing that Hope has planed his assassination for overstepping his boundaries.

Meanwhile, before that, Lt. General Aliyu Mongono the National Security Adviser to the President and Hope Uzodinma seems to be working hand in hand to destroy Imo State and pave way for Fulani to take over Imo State as promised, then Hope Uzodinma and Lt. General Mongono finds this time as the perfect opportunity to eliminate Gulak and tag it, IPOB and ESN.

Hope Uzodinma and Lt. General Aliyu Mongono is the main reason Imo state has recorded many abductions of Innocent Igbo youths and gallant men in the East by the Nigerian security operatives all in the name of fighting IPOB and ESN members, and Biafrans who are working hard to secure our land from terrorist Fulani invaders.

It was revealed that Gulak is a presumed enemy of Lt. General Aliyu Mongono who is the current National Security Adviser to the president, Gulak had berated Aliyu in a video going viral on social media calling him a thief, corrupt and clueless, Gulak further asked the presidency to remove Aliyu pending on his incompetent for the betterment of Nigeria

Hope Uzodinma and Aliyu are the only people that know the way about Gulak, his Hotel, his movement, and the time of his departure.

It was revealed that Gulak noticed the plans of Hope and Aliyu to eliminate him through the Nigerian security operatives after his visit to discuss with Hope Uzodinma, so he had to leave in disguise without informing the Police, Army about his departure, being marked for elimination he was tracked by the Nigerian security operatives who killed him and turned to put it on IPOB and ESN.

ESN has never killed anybody apart from foreign terrorists who invade our farmlands and forests so alleging that they are behind the assassination of Gulak is a big lie, ESN right from the onset don't operate in the urban areas, they guard our forests and farms they don't kill individuals except terrorists, ESN has nothing to do with the killing, Governor Hope Uzodinma has a lot to concerning the death of Gulak.

Gulak can't be tracked down and eliminated without an insider and nobody in Imo state knows anything about Gulak visit apart from the Governor and his crime partners, Hope Uzodinma is fully responsible for Gulak's death, that's why he had to rush to the press called it a politically motivated killing even when it has not been investigated just to cause confusion and get himself exonerated from the crime.

IPOB and ESN, have nothing to do with Gulak's assassination because he is useless in the revolution going on, Hope Uzodinma and Aliyu should be held accountable for the death of Gulak, the earlier the public understand this the better for everyone.

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