■ Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 21 Jun 2021 

 They kill innocent unarmed Biafrans just to stop their right to Self-determination and forcefully keep Nigeria as one indivisible entity. 

Are they not terrorists? They claim to be protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians, but are the ones terrorizing Biafrans, killing and burning their houses, shops, and places of worship? Are they not terrorists? They kill innocent unarmed Biafran protesters at obigbo, Nkpor, Aba, etc., yet deny their presence in the scene. 

Are they not terrorists? They claim they are protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria; that is a lie; they are bloodsuckers, criminals, jihadists, and an army of conquest. Are they not terrorists? They indiscriminately threaten peaceful Biafrans with war; are they not terrorists? They deny the killings of unarmed Biafran protesters, leaving their families in pain and agony. 

Are they not terrorists? They arrest innocent unarmed Biafran youths tagging and parading them as unknown gunmen, which prove they are weak and coward, are they not terrorist? They are busy conducting ethnic cleansing in a peaceful Biafra region whereas Boko Haram, banditry and ISWAP is ravaging the north, are they not terrorist? They have not fought any external war yet have killed innocent unarmed Biafran youths even more than those fighting an external war. Are they not terrorists? They are the worst army to have existed on planet earth; they render innocent Biafran civilians homeless. 

Are they not terrorists? An army that rapes innocent women, torture and kills them with impunity, are they not terrorists? They hide from Boko-Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, and Bandits that are terrorists yet arrest and kill innocent unarmed Biafrans extra-judicially. Are they not terrorists? Funny enough, we even the one Nigeria propagandists no longer believe in Nigeria Military, Nigerians are uncomfortable once they sight any military personal, because Nigerian military is an army of conquest, they are uncivilized and unprofessional. 

It's high time International communities designate the Nigerian military a terrorist organization because, over the years, they have proven to humanity that they are personified terrorist in military uniforms; international communities are hereby placed on notice of the genocide happening in Biafra land as a result of a military siege, the unrest happening in Biafraland today is caused by Nigeria military, these murderers parading themselves in the East should be ordered to return to North East where there is insurgency on the high. 

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka 

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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