DSS Planning To Bomb Owerri, Other Parts Of Biafraland, And Blame On ESN 

■ Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 2nd May 2021

Department of Security Service (DSS) in collaboration with other Nigeria security operatives are planning to bomb some parts of Biafraland to kill innocent people to frame ESN before the public as those behind the evil attacks.

This is a calculated plan by the Nigeria security operatives on the orders of Nigeria's presidency to blackmail IPOB's ESN as other means to discredit IPOB and ESN has failed.

The information at our disposal has it that this bomb attack which will kill many innocent people will happen very soon, we value the life of Biafrans so dearly, for that, we are using this avenue to inform the general public especially those staying in Biafraland to be wary of the evil plans of the Nigeria government against the people of Biafra.

Recall that a few days ago the Department of Security Service (DSS) released a statement alleging that ESN has imported BOMBS and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) to attack security operatives and other government facilities, this is a ploy by the DSS to soften the way to kill innocent people and blame it on the ESN who are professionally protecting our land against foreign Fulani terrorist herdsmen.

However, we are warning the DSS and co to stop their evil plan, because this time around every Biafran blood spilled by the Nigerian state must be avenged. we are once again warning our people to be very careful in order not to be caught by this evil plan by the murderous Nigeria security operatives in their attempt to give  IPOB and ESN a bad name.

IPOB has never involved in any violent act, not to talk of killing the people they are fighting for their liberation and freedom, IPOB is registered around the world as a self-determination organization and not a violent organization, the public should bear in mind that any act of violence or killings in Biafraland, IPOB is not involved because the life of everyone matters a lot.

ESN is created to protect our farmlands and forests likewise the lives of our people from terrorist and criminals, as well as chasing away Invaders who are working to Impose Islam on us, ESN has been doing that right from inception till now, our people feel safer now because of the works of ESN.  Our people are full of praises for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for creating the ESN.

The general public is hereby requested to report any suspicious and strange activities around Biafraland to the leadership of IPOB.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writer .

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